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WATCH: Y&R's Christian LeBlanc and Michelle Stafford Talk Michael Baldwin Special Episode

Fairman Stafford LeBlanc

Today, The Young and the Restless is set to commemorate Christian LeBlanc's three decades as Michael Baldwin with a special episode. LeBlanc and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers) sat down with Michael Fairman TV to chat about working together and tease what fans can expect.

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Stafford dished of playing opposite her longtime co-star:

Everybody loves being around Christian and everybody loves being around C. I wouldn’t have him around if he wasn’t a good time. He’s also, needless to say, incredibly intelligent ant you can always have a good conversation.

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What can fans expect from the special episode? LeBlanc said of watching it: 

What was so interesting—and there's a lot of clips in the show and I think everyone's going to just love them—I wanted to see them because some people have them in their head so well that they don’t need it and I just said, 'Between them, I’d like to see the people’s faces.' Because we went back to—I mean, Lauralee [Bell, Christine Blair] and I look like zygotes. I think we hadn’t even developed hands yet.

What makes Michael want to walk down memory lane? LeBlanc teased:

Michael himself starts to kind of question this long, long career he’s had, and especially at the District Attorney's office, and it doesn’t come off quite as a midlife crisis. And you know Lauren [Fenmore Baldwin, Tracey Bregman], his wife is affected, so they sit there and they're like, Okay, why, why are you—what is wrong? What do you want to do?

And when others pitch in, offering their thoughts on Michael's situation, things are sure to get even more interesting! Check out the full interview below.