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The Young and the Restless Recap: Michael Finds Himself at a Career Crossroads (WATCH)

The Young and the Restless Recap for January 10, 2022
Christian LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc

On today’s The Young and the Restless recap: Michael and Lauren meet at Society to celebrate his latest court win. Michael agrees he’s hitting his career summit, but wonders if he should quit while he’s ahead.

Lauren thinks he just needs a break, but Michael wants to take his life in a different direction. His contentment with his career cup runneth over and he's pondering taking down his law shingle.

Cricket joins them and they talk about her first day when Michael hired her as a lawyer. She praises him on high, but he makes note of his dark side. Michael remembers being consumed by revenge and hitting rock bottom in prison, then Cricket helping him restore his career.

Victor overhears and joins Michael and Lauren as Cricket leaves. Lauren fills Victor in on what’s swimming around in Michael’s head. Victor offers Michael a job at Newman Media answering only to him. Michael recalls how difficult working for Victor can really be. Victor’s offer is serious, but he leaves it with Michael.

Michael is joined by Gloria, Kevin, and Chloe for moral support. Michael remembers when Gloria hid her sons’ identities from John. Kevin tells Michael he’s more than made up for his failures as a brother. Gloria encourages him to find something to do as he will irritate everyone when he gets bored. They decide it’s time to move on and let Michael stew on it.

Michael and Lauren are left alone. They remember their first kiss, wedding day, and the anticipation of their child.

Michael tells Lauren that retirement is the best option for him so he can spend more time with her. The two share a dance and some romantic memories.

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Happy 30th anniversary Christian LeBlanc!

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The Good:

-Flashbacks that fit the situation. It’s great to relive memories and see the same actors in the same roles.

The Bad:

-Victor and Cricket making nice. They had an acrimonious relationship for years and aren’t even pretending to hold a bit of a grudge. I was hoping for some snarky comments, but no dice.

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