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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Paris Gets a Surprise When Her Mother Comes to LA (WATCH)

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for January 10, 2022
Diamond White

Diamond White

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Hope/Liam: Hope tries to take the blame for missing the signs that her mother took up drinking again. Liam reassures her that it's not her fault. Brooke is managing her situation with Ridge at a meeting RIGHT NOW. Liam reminds her how strong Brooke is. Hope however, wonders what her drink-trigger was. Liam doesn't think it was Deacon.

Brooke/Ridge: It's the moment of truth, Brooke is pressed by the counselor to answer if she was alone. After a way too long pause, Brooke declares she was in fact, alone. The counselor questions if the drink-trigger has been festering inside her for a while.

Back at home, Brooke is haunted by her mortifying memories. Ridge supports her and Brooke admits she's scared, and never wants to relapse again. 

Paris/Zende: Paris is at the office when Zende comes in. He wants her opinion about his designs. Zende respects her honesty about their relationship. Paris is distracted by a random text from her mother. Lo and behold, the mother doth appear. The two gleefully catch up.

Carter/Zende: Carter's basking in another flashback of his kiss with Paris. Zende crashes in and is super-pumped that Paris' mother is in LA. Zende is crowing that he got her in the building just for Paris! Then, he opens up about his thwarted proposal plans. A man is always a man...Zende automatically thinks Paris has another trick up her sleeve.

Sheila: Sheila's basking in another flashback of her encounter and takedown of Brooke Forrester.

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The Good:

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-That counselor is amazing! Find him another role.

-Brooke flashing back to sexy, smooth Deacon..."Good morning Sunshine."

-Ridge supporting least for the time being.

The Bad:

-Did I mention flashbacks to stuff that JUST happened?

-Sheila trapped in her hotel room replaying her memory loop. At least she's not folding napkins. 

-Zende just can't accept a young woman for wanting to be young and free...there must be another guy. Le sigh.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

Watch the video below and check back for the latest The Bold and the Beautiful recap!