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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Had Enough And Leaves Sonny on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 12, 2022
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Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

Laura Wright, Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly's not happy to see that Sonny is still at the house. Sonny says he wants to make his marriage work and he loves Carly. Carly says she needs time to deal with what he told her. Sonny says Nina is in the past, but Carly reminds him of New Year's Eve.

Sonny explains what happened, but Carly says she can't trust him. Sonny asks if she wants to call it quits. Carly says they need time to make things right and Nina is between them now. Sonny says Carly seems to be the one who can't forget Nina and she already left their marriage for Jason.

Carly insists she and Jason told him everything and it's not the same as his secrets with Nina. Carly says she'll always mourn Jason, but will eventually get past it. She says as long as Nina is alive, there is no chance for their marriage which Sonny sees as a threat. Carly says she wouldn't lose her kids to get rid of Nina and Sonny needs to let Nina go. Carly says she'll be here morning and night for the girls, but will leave.

Carly heads to the Metro Court and tells Olivia she's moving in.

Sam says she's proud that Alexis is the new editor of the Invader and brings up Tracy. Alexis has softened and wants to give Tracy a pass, which annoys Sam. Sam's not happy when Harmony shows up, but Alexis says Harmony has been a good friend.

After Alexis leaves, Sam acknowledges that Harmony has changed, but she still has an issue with everything. Harmony says she has to live with what she did in the cult. Sam says Alexis is fragile now, but Harmony says she and Alexis are friends and are there for each other. Sam's not buying it, but Harmony asks for the chance to prove herself.

Robert thanks Olivia for telling him about Luke. Olivia's thankful that Robert was there for her when she had problems with Ned, but that things have improved.

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Tracy's in PCPD lockup. Ned posts her bail as Martin arrives to let her know he's taken her case as a favor to Laura. He's going to try to get her a plea deal, but Tracy wants the charges dropped completely based on her Quartermaine name. Tracy fires Martin, but Ned says he hired Martin. Tracy says she has to get back for Luke's memorial.
Tracy brings up Bailey, but then refuses to tell Ned what she knows until she's spoken to Brook Lynn.

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Martin asks Dante to speak to Robert on his behalf. Robert and Alexis show up and Alexis says she won't be cooperating with the case. Robert says the charges have been dropped and Tracy is free. Ned wonders why Alexis did it, and she says she did it for Luke and herself.

Nina summons Valentin and asks him to join forces since she's made an enemy with Michael. She says she has rights to Wiley, but Valentin says she'll be going up against the Corinthi as well as the Quartermaines. Valentin wonders if Nina had feelings for Sonny and she admits she did. Valentin says he can't help her fight a battle for Wiley and not to go up against Michael.

Brook Lynn wants a redo with Austin and lets bygones be bygones. Austin's not having it and mentions her hurting Valentin. Brook Lynn says she's sorry for what she did and she'll talk to the rest of the Quartermaines to fix things for Austin. Austin says she's only trying to ease her conscience and it's always been about recognition for his father. Brook Lynn says it was up to Edward to bring Jimmy Lee into the fold and he didn't, and with his passing, Austin has no claim.

Valentin comes across them and Brook Lynn gets a shot in before she leaves. Austin asks Valentin if he plans on making Brook Lynn pay for what she's done.

Tracy confronts Brook Lynn about the baby.

Nina reaches out to Martin to ask him for some legal advice.

Sonny throws his bottle of pills away.

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