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Perkie's Observations: Felicia Questions Maxie's Lack of Grief Over Louise on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 11, 2022
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Kristina Wagner

Kristina Wagner

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis demands to know where Marshall has been all this time. Marshall is upset with Curtis' attitude. (Say what with the who now. Eff you Marshall.) Curtis is tired of the nonsense. Marshall claims it's too dangerous for Curtis to know the truth, so he decides to leave. Marshall stops him and admits he got into trouble and left to protect the family.

Marshall says he got into some criminal activity and his only option was to change his name and leave. Curtis asks if he was involved with the mob. Marshall feels he's given enough information, but Curtis insists on knowing who his father crossed. Marshall warns Curtis to stop asking questions in order to keep Stella and TJ safe.

Austin and Britt head to The Savoy for a singles night of fun, but Britt strikes out. Austin admits he hasn't been looking because he has an interest in someone else. Britt finally gets him to admit it's Maxie. Austin thinks there is no room in Maxie's life for him.

Felicia and Maxie share a drink in Luke's honor. Felicia's worried about Robert and all the losses they've shared lately. Maxie's worried about Lulu and her reaction when she wakes up.

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Felicia admits she's concerned about Maxie and why she's not falling apart over Louise's absence. Maxie says she has to stay strong for her other children and has support from everyone. Felicia figures there's someone Maxie's not mentioning. After some pushing, Maxie admits it's Austin, but swears they're just friends.

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Laura is not happy to find Victor in her house and complains about his deal with the WSB. Victor claims he's trying to atone, but Laura says she'll never advocate for him. Spencer and Esme sit quietly while Laura and Victor snipe at each other. Victor says he's here to repair and protect his family.

Willow stops by to see Nina and apologizes. Nina also apologizes for her own misdeeds at the hearing. Willow says the friction between Nina and Michael is bad for Wiley, and promises to work on Michael if Nina gives up legal rights to Wiley. Nina reminds her that Wiley is her blood relative and she's not giving up her legal rights. Willow swears she won't lose her spot as his grandmother. Nina accuses Willow of living in a fantasy world, but Willow is certain that Michael will come around. Nina refuses to be kept from her grandson.

Carly gets home to find Sonny cooking and trying to make nice. Sonny tells Carly about Luke's death, which upsets her. Carly says she can't act like their life isn't falling apart. Sonny says Carly is the one he loves, but she says Nina is the one he turns to.

Carly mentions that Nina told her about them almost sleeping together and she stopped it. Carly says Sonny can't promise that what happened in Nixon Falls can't happen here. Carly says she put the fear of God into Nina if Sonny wants to go to her. Sonny says they need to figure this out together. Carly says if he refuses to leave, she will. 

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