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Days of Our Lives Recap: Belle Butts Heads With EJ When He Goes Rogue With The Judge

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 13, 2022
Belle Black, Days of Our Lives

Martha Madison

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Chad/Kate: Chad tells Kate he will go to court and tell them EJ is innocent. He knows he will also have to deal with Shin. Kate's not happy with Chad right now.

Horton Square: Gwen informs Ava that Xander is working with Abigail. She thinks Abigail revels in payback. Ava confides to Gwen that she is behind Rafe’s setup and asks for Gwen’s silence. Xander walks up and Ava claims it’s about a surprise party. After she leaves, Xander questions how they know each other. Gwen tells him it’s through Charlie.

Xander tells Gwen that Abigail came up with a strong lead. She was able to track down the name of a pilot who took someone on a non-business trip on a DiMera plane.

Police Station: Rafe tells Shawn he’s been set up for fixing evidence. Shawn wonders if his two complainants know each other or if someone put them up to it.

Ava turns up to bring lunch to Rafe and drops it off at his desk. Shawn questions Rafe and he admits something seems off about Ava and wonders if she’s behind the setup.

Steve/Kayla: Steve and Kayla suspect Kristen has returned to the safety of the convent. They arrive disguised as a nun and a priest. "Father Nichols" asks Mother Superior if "Sister Mary Elizabeth" can stay with them temporarily. Mother Superior promises to look into it and get back to them.

Kristen: After Steve and Kayla leave, Kristen comes into the convent office asking about the visitors. Mother Superior explains what they wanted. Kristen calls Ava and questions if she sent Steve to find her, and she denies it. Ava warns her they may be looking for Sarah.

Abigail/Chad: Abigail asks Chad about the pilot when she gets to the DiMera office. He was around for years until last spring when he suddenly disappeared. No one has seen or heard from him since.

Abigail questions Chad’s turnabout with EJ since he’s the one who found the evidence. Abigail warns Chad about perjuring himself.

Courthouse: Melinda isn’t happy that Belle is representing EJ. When they're alone, Belle tells EJ that Nicole stood up for him and told her to defend him despite her conflicts of interest.

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The judge is ready for jury selection, but EJ stands up and says he’s waiving his right for a jury trial. The judge takes five and Belle wants to know what he’s up to. He thinks a jury would be prejudiced against his rich-ass self. Belle tells him she will run the case her way or not at all.

Melinda calls her first witness…Chad DiMera. 

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The Good:

-Ava's desire for revenge against Rafe and Nicole.

-Gwen's friendship with Ava. The down and dirty duo complement each other.

-Belle not putting up with EJ's BS. She's not afraid of the DiMeras and it shows.

The Bad:

-Ava pulling an amateur stunt that will lead right back to her. She's too smart to use the law against Rafe.

-Lots of flashbacks about stuff that already happened this week.

-The trial scenes were a bit of a waste, just to string the story out until tomorrow (hopefully). No use of a cliffy to keep you on the edge of your seat.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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