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Perkie's Observations: Victor Approaches Austin to Avenge Valentin on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 13, 2022
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Victor Cassadine, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

On today's General Hospital recap: Brook Lynn tells Chase that Tracy knows the truth about the baby and thinks they should get Louise out of the country. Chase says Maxie won't agree to Louise moving away to Amsterdam. Chase thinks he should move into the mansion to provide security, but Brook Lynn disagrees. She reminds him that Michael and Willow are fellow houseguests. Brook Lynn is concerned that Peter will figure it out just like Tracy did. Chase asks her to move in with him. Brook Lynn reminds him he only has a small apartment, but Chase says they can get a bigger place. Brook Lynn decides it's a good idea and agrees to talk to Lucy to find a place.

Maxie thinks Anna wants to grill her about Louise's disappearance. Anna says she's admires Maxie for how she's handling things but she doesn't have to do it alone. Maxie doesn't want Anna's help and says the trail has run cold. Anna asks if there is anything Maxie hasn't told them.

Maxie goes over what happened the day Louise was born and Anna keeps thinking she's missing something. When Maxie steps away, Victor swoops in. He wants information from Anna, which does not sit well with Maxie when she overhears. Victor claims he's heard from Peter about the baby's disappearance. Maxie swears Peter will never get his hands on her baby and will do everything to protect her. Anna suggests that Maxie take another trip to the woods and go over what happened that day. She thinks Austin should go with them.

Felicia pays Peter a visit demanding to know where the baby is. Peter says he doesn't know, claims he loves Maxie, and he did what he did to be with her. He's angry that everyone poisoned Maxie against him, which forced him to go to extremes. Peter pushes Felicia's buttons about abandoning Maxie and her failures as a parent. Peter claims he can lead them all to Louise. He says he wants to be treated fairly in exchange for getting Louise back. Felicia doesn't believe him and storms out.

Victor wants time with Drew, who blames him for Jason's death. Drew accuses Victor of working with Peter, but Sam breaks up the argument. Drew warns Victor to stay away from him.

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Drew asks Sam about how his ELQ shares ended up with Valentin. Sam explains she went to prison and wasn't allowed to see Jason. She says Valentin helped her get access to Jason in exchange for the proxies.

Sam says she lost Jason anyway since she needed security for her and the family, but Jason was committed to Sonny. Drew mentions what she has now with Dante and Sam agrees that she's not putting the kids at risk with Dante. Sam says Drew should be able to get the proxies back now that he's alive.

Austin calls Valentin to discuss how they're going to take down Brook Lynn.

Victor stops by Austin's and asks about his suspicions about Brook Lynn's baby's paternity. Victor says Bailey would have been his granddaughter and believes Valentin is letting Brook Lynn off too easily. Austin admits he and Valentin are talking about revenge against Brook Lynn and how she's a trouble maker. Austin brings up Maxie, which piques Victor's interest. Austin mentions that Maxie and Brook Lynn were enemies, but now they're friends because of Bailey. (Stop talking Austin). Victor thinks Maxie might be the key to getting back at Brook Lynn.

Brad and Britt have lunch, and she wonders why he's not the life of the party he once was. Brad says he's lost his marriage and his career, prompting Britt to apologize. Britt pushes him and Brad admits he's afraid of his Aunt Selena, and she made him do something horrible. Brad says he doesn't want Britt to pay the price of being near him.
Britt pushes for details and Brad admits he was the one who poisoned Peter.

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