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Perkie's Observations: Laura Tries to Reunite Spencer and Nikolas on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 14, 2022
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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

On today's General Hospital recap: Britt is shocked at Brad's admission that he was the one who poisoned Peter. Brad says Selena gave him the poisoned food to give to Peter. Britt says Selena will now hold this against him. Brad believes Selena will kill him if he says anything.

Dante arrives to talk to Britt about the plans to have Peter transferred back to Pentonville. Dante questions Brad about staying with Selena while he's on parole. Britt tells Dante that Michael threatened Brad, but he tells Dante he doesn't want to press charges.

Carly tells Michael she moved into the Metro Court. Sonny shows up to talk to Michael, who's still angry with him. Michael says he can't forgive Sonny for what he's put Carly through.

Sonny says he did the best he could when he got home. Michael doesn't understand why Sonny protected Nina or why he stood up for her at the hearing. Sonny says he can't change what happened. Michael continues to argue with Sonny about being blindsided on the stand and Dante has to break up the argument when he arrives.

Michael tells Dante that Carly moved out and Sonny says he's not giving up on his marriage. Dante says Carly and Sonny have to be the one to work on their marriage. Michael says Sonny needs to give Carly space, which angers Sonny even more. Dante wonders what's off with Sonny.

Drew spots Carly and offers her a shoulder. Carly wants a distraction and asks about Scout. Drew admits he's trying to get the time back. Carly tells Drew that she and Sonny are having problems and she moved out.

Drew tells Carly to trust her instincts. He advises her to do what she needs to do for herself so can be the best mom. Carly's not sure she and Sonny can find their way back to each other. Carly apologizes for how she treated Drew when Jason first came back. She said she wants to get to know him better.

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Laura wants to discuss family unity with Spencer and Nikolas, which quickly becomes an argument between the Cassadine boys. Laura says Spencer's stay in jail will test him, and he and Nikolas should reconcile before Spencer leaves.

Nikolas admits he wants things to be better between them, and Spencer agrees. Esme comes home, curious about the family meeting. Spencer explains, but isn't certain he wants what the others want. Esme agrees to stand by him.

Kevin insists that Esme join him for coffee while the family talks, which does not sit well with Esme. The two talk about psychiatry. Esme brings up Ryan and how he's part of Kevin's family. Kevin gives an appropriate answer, then questions Esme about her own family. Esme dodges and brings it back to Ryan. Kevin wonders how much time she's spending with his brother. Esme says she's just intrigued by Ryan, but Kevin warns her that Ryan is dangerous. Kevin calls the warden to restrict who has access to Ryan.

Nikolas says he regrets hurting Spencer by staying away for three years. Laura questions whether Spencer wants a relationship with his father and how they should let bygones be. Spencer says Victor told him the same thing.

Laura warns Spencer not to fall for Victor's manipulations. She says Victor continues to hurt people, but Spencer says Victor has been good to him. Nikolas says he wants Spencer back, but Spencer says it will only be without Ava.

Britt tells Brad to leave the prison mentality behind and act like a free man. Brad says he doesn't want to make waves with Selena. He doesn't know how to distance himself from Selena without angering her. Britt says she'll be there for Brad, no matter what Selena says.

Ava's surprised that Nina switched from Scotty to Martin for her lawyer. Nina says it's about Wiley and how she's allowed to see him. Ava questions if Nina is certain she wants to take on the Corinthi rather than work something out with Michael. Nina explains to Ava about Willow's deal to give up her rights to Wiley and Ava agrees that Nina shouldn't do it. Nina says she can't wait around for Michael to soften because she wants to be in her grandson's life. Ava asks Martin if Nina can win and he says she can, but Nina decides maybe she should consider it more.

Nina tells Ava that Carly paid her a visit and she told Carly the truth about almost sleeping with Sonny. Ava believes that Carly's appearance means she knows that Sonny still loves Nina. Nina asks if Ava thinks she has a chance with Sonny if he leaves Carly. Ava says she has no chance if she goes to war with Michael over Wiley. Ava tells Nina to play it cool, and she might end up with both Sonny and Wiley.

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