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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Is Warned About a New Threat From the Outside on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 17, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Laura reunites with Curtis, who tells her he's now with Portia. Curtis questions whether Cyrus is no longer a threat to Laura. Laura explains Cyrus' new religion, but Curtis doesn't believe it.

Curtis tells Laura about Marshall's arrival and Laura says Curtis will have to accept what he did out of love. Curtis wonders why his father would come back now and says that Marshall warned him to let things be. Curtis can't trust Marshall to be truthful.

Marshall heads to the hospital pretending to have an injured hand, but Epiphany sees through the ruse. Marshall wants to know if she is interested in him or his music. Epiphany gets angry and reads Marshall the riot act. Marshall backs off then the two discuss how she wanted to be a doctor once upon a time. (Riveting stuff, this.)

Drew talks to Michael about trying to get his shares back from Valentin. Michael complains about Nina getting between his parents. Drew discusses his time with Scout and how Sam has moved on to Dante. Michael complains even more to Drew about Sonny defending Nina. Drew reassures him Carly will find a way to work it out. Drew tells Michael he can't fix his parents' problems, but he can stand by them.

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Carly spends a little time with Avery and Donna. Sonny says they'd be happier if she stayed home and so would he. Sonny says Carly has proved her point and he wants to move forward. Carly says she needs time to clear her head from the hearing. Sonny wants to work things out. Carly mentions the pharmacy and asks about his prescription. Sonny tells her he's dealing with it and brings things back around to their marriage. Sonny wants her and their marriage back and she should trust her feelings for him, but Carly isn't ready.

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Carly meets with Diane and lets her know about the break from Sonny to clear her head. Diane stops Carly from saying more, saying both Carly and Sonny are her clients. She believes Carly wants to fight for her marriage.

Brick stops by to tell Sonny there's a new player making waves. Sonny mentions Cyrus talking about the same thing and is upset he has so much on his mind.

Britt checks in with Nina after what happened at the hearing. Britt wonders where the hearing left things between Nina and Sonny. Britt mentions Brad's problems and how Sonny could help him. Nina wants details and asks what Sonny can do. Britt wants to intercede on Brad's behalf, but Nina points out that Brad kept Wiley.

Nina says she doesn't want to come between Sonny and Carly. Nina mentions her visit with Carly and Britt wonders what would happen if Nina gave Sonny the go ahead. Nina doesn't want to come between their marriage and she can't ask Sonny for a favor for Brad.

Britt decides she'll call Sonny herself to advocate for Brad. When she calls, Avery picks up and tells Britt that Mommy and Daddy are not home. Britt tells Nina that Carly has likely moved out (way to reach there Westbourne!).

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