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Days of Our Lives' Patrika Darbo Previews Nancy's Homecoming: "It Will Be an Adventure"

Patrika Darbo

Patrika Darbo thrilled fans by returning to Days of Our Lives as Nancy; not far behind her is Kevin Spirtas as hubby Craig. But what can fans expect from the Wesley clan this time around? Darbo teased what's to come to Soap Opera Digest.

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Darbo, who began taping episodes last September, reflected:

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I was very flattered when I was [approached by the show]. I thought I was coming on for a couple little scenes. I didn’t realize how big the storyline was — and what it was. I was like, ‘Holy crap. I’m a lot older now. How many lines am I going to have to learn?’ 

Nevertheless, the actress is excited with what is in store. She dished:

Ron [Carlivati, head writer] has created a storyline that is unprecedented and is going to be fabulous, I hope. It may upset a few people, and it may not. It will be an adventure.

Darbo added:

Anytime an actor can say, ‘I’m a working actor,’ is a very good thing. And because I’m not under contract, it leaves me open to do other things. To be blessed enough to have the fans still want me and to have the show still want me, I am one happy camper. I truly feel blessed about that and have great gratitude to the show.