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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Finn's First Date Hits a Snag on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 18, 2022
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Brando runs into TJ and talks to him about Liam's death. Brando mentions how Sasha is distancing herself and trying to act normal. He says he's worried that she's not grieving at all. TJ thinks Sasha has an outlet and Brando is upset that she's not there for him. TJ tells Brando to talk to Kevin with or without Sasha.

Gladys joins Sasha at yoga class and wants to discuss things, but Sasha shuts her down. Gladys says Sasha needs to talk about her loss and she can't keep Brando at arm's length. Sasha says everyone copes differently and won't apologize for not crying on everyone's shoulders. Gladys reminds her that Brando's grieving as well.

Felicia admits to Maxie she saw Peter in order to get information on Louise. Felicia mentions Peter's digs about her failings as a mother, but Maxie says they've overcome that. Felicia can't believe how strong Maxie has been while dealing with Louise's disappearance. Felicia wants Maxie to go with Anna to Pautauk to go through the events again, but Maxie says she's never going back to that cabin and storms out of yoga class.

Maxie stops Sasha from leaving and the two commiserate about how everyone wants them to grieve on their timetable. Maxie tells Sasha to put one foot in front of the other and offers to be there for her. Maxie says not to push Brando or Gladys away. Sasha gets a dinner invite from Brando, but doesn't respond. She returns to the class with Gladys, as Maxie does the same for Felicia.

Finn and Dante help Brook Lynn and Chase move into Jax's old condo. Brook Lynn and Chase teasingly argue like an old married couple. After Finn leaves, Dante wonders what Chase's plans are. Chase swears there's nothing between him and Brook Lynn, but are co-parenting as friends. Dante thinks Chase should be angry with her for keeping Bailey's paternity a secret from him for so long. Dante understands why Chase would be interested, but Chase angrily says there is too much at stake.
Brook Lynn eavesdrops as Chase tells Dante about all the bad things she did back in the day and he's just here for Bailey. He says he can't trust Brook Lynn. After Dante leaves, Brook Lynn tells Chase to leave, as she can handle Bailey on her own.

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Drew and Curtis discuss Marshall, and how Curtis has more questions now than he did before. Curtis tells Drew what little Marshall has told him, but then shut down. Curtis doesn't trust his father with the little information given. Drew says Marshall might be keeping things from Curtis because he cares. Drew thinks Marshall went into witness protection and if Curtis keeps pushing, he could endanger himself, as well as Stella and TJ. Curtis says he's still upset that Marshall isn't willing to tell him everything. Drew says Curtis has lots of time to figure out his relationship with his father.

Liz admits to Terry and Portia that she's worried something bad will happen if she goes on the date with Finn. She explains about the wedding ring and how her boys deny doing anything. Liz swears she didn't see the ring after she put it in the kitchen drawer, but admits she's been distracted. Portia and Terry push her to go out and enjoy herself.

Terry talks to Portia about her lack of love life and how she doesn't have time. Portia mentions a dating app and sets up a profile for Terry. Terry is surprised when she gets her first match.

Marshall and Epiphany head to the PC Grill and continue their conversation about her desire to become a doctor. Liz stops by before meeting Finn and is introduced to Marshall. After she leaves, Marshall sees how much Pif cares about Liz and her nurses.

Finn meets up with Liz at the PC Grill for their date and the two make awkward small talk. Finn brings up her parents and Liz admits that they dumped her in PC and never looked back. Liz talks about Franco, but then apologizes for bringing him up. She promises she's trying to focus on her future and Finn hopes it includes him.

Marshall suddenly collapses, clutching his chest and Finn jumps in to help. They take him to the hospital where TJ checks him out. Portia calls Curtis. 

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