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Betty White's The Bold and The Beautiful Costars Remember Her With The Toronto Sun

Betty White

Betty White

The Bold and the Beautiful cast members are recalling fond memories of working with the late Betty White. Actors Jennifer Gareis (Donna), Alley Mills (Pam) and John McCook (Eric) spoke with the Toronto Sun about White appearing on the show as the tough as nails Ann Douglas, mother to Pam and mother-in-law to Eric, from 2006-2009. 

In what would've been White's 100th birthday, the trio remembered the actress for her work in drama. McCook discussed how he gave up his dressing room whenever White would shoot scenes due to how close it was to the set. McCook states on White's first day at the show, he poked his head in the dressing room to welcome her and remarked:

I said, 'Welcome Betty! Welcome to the show, good morning. She said 'Oh John, thanks for your room... You know, we could share...' And she gave me a big wink and she gave me a sly wink from then on. I really enjoyed that.

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Okay now Betty! White's television daughter Mills explains that instead of being intimidated by the legendary actress, she was impressed by her. White was actually intimidated by the speed of the show and the amount of pages of dialog the soap world has. Something both ladies were blown away by given their background in primetime. Mills stated:

The first time I saw her was in the makeup room, she was chatting with everybody, cracking jokes with everybody and she hat a lot of pages that day. So she and I got together to run lines and she said to me, 'Honey, do me a favor memorize my lines too, ok?' And I went 'OK' (laughs) because I didn't have that many for the first two days, and she goes 'If I don't remember it just throw it to me so we can keep moving for Susan's [Flannery; ex-Stephanie Forrester] sake.' because it was really a story about her character. So I did memorize Betty's lines and with her in the room because I ran lines with her. Then she said to me, 'I'm going to teach you a trick, if you don't like the take just throw the F-bomb. They can't print it! (Laughs)

Smart move. Meanwhile, Gareis admitted how intimidated she was by White and felt like she knew. In order to put her and others who felt the same at ease, White would:

She comes waltzing on set, just saying her one-liners,  joking around and making everybody laugh and putting them at ease. She had that talent to just kind of bring herself to your level. Just look at her, she's done everything.

What a class act. To hear more favorite memories about White, and McCook's talk about the on-set rumors of a love affair between he and White, click here.