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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen Tries Her Best to Dupe Maggie and Xander as Sarah

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 19, 2022
Emily O'Brien

Emily O'Brien

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Albergo Italiano: Kristen warns Steve to be careful, but he's not phased. Kristen is under the impression that Steve is there because Xander hired him, which confuses Steve. Halfway through the episode, Kristen and Steve are still in the same position (her arm must be tired).

Steve tells her to run to one of many safe houses to choose from and promises not to follow. Kristen finds a gun in the drawer and now is holding two guns on him.

Brady Pub: Ned denies knowing Sarah, but Abigail runs down everything she knows about the flight and DiMera operations. Ned finally admits he flew Sarah after Xander says she's been missing for a year and is in danger. 

Abigail tells Xander she can't pay money to a source. Xander wonders if she cares more about the story or her cousin. Abigail explains whether she runs the story or not, The Spectator would still be under scrutiny. Xander decides he will go to the bank and pay Ned for the intel.

Salem Inn: "Sarah" walks into Gwen's room, freaking her out. She finally reveals herself as Ava. Ava tells her Kristen sent her the mask. Ava runs in circles trying to explain why she has it. Ava suggests that Gwen to use it to break the bond between Xander and Sarah once and for all. Gwen's lacking confidence, but Ava is certain she can handle it.

Gwen comes out of the bathroom masked as Sarah. She isn't certain she can pull it off because she doesn't know anything about her.

Convent: Sister Mary Elizabeth claims to Mother Superior she's looking for a bible. When Mother Superior points one out on the desk, Sister Mary Elizabeth slips and says her husband told her to get reading glasses. The good sister proves she knows her bible by quoting scripture. After Mother Superior leaves, Kayla texts Steve and Kristen answers her whilst wearing Steve's patch. Steve is down for the count.

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Basic Black: Nicole is determined to move the conference table, but can't. Rafe is there to talk about the accusations against him. He tells Nicole he thinks Ava did it because of they had sex. Nicole relates a story where she felt unsettled by Ava smiling at her over Rafe's shoulder during an embrace. She thinks Ava is in on a secret.

Just then, Ava pops into Basic Black and finds Rafe and Nicole together. Ava claims she wants to nail down a dinner date, and it will be tonight.

Kiriakis: Maggie is sipping tea when "Sarah" walks in. Maggie is surprised and hugs her. Maggie wonders where she's been and tells her that her phone is disconnected. "Sarah" apologizes and claims she left because Xander left her no choice. "Sarah" says she wanted Xander out of her life. Just then, Xander walks in and sees "Sarah" with Maggie.

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The Good:

-Struggling with this one today, but Stacy Haiduk was entertaining as Kristen.

The Bad:

-The Buccaneers offensive line to move the conference table? Can we ever be Tom Brady-free? (For our sporty spice dudes).

-Maskathon! Make it stop!

-Lost 12 minutes for a very important press announcement from the governor, yet didn't seem to miss much.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!Check back for the latest Days of Our Lives recap!