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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Panics and Knocks Out Cameron on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 19, 2022
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Brook Lynn Ashton, General Hospital

Amanda Setton

On today's General Hospital recap: Finn and Liz reassure Curtis that his father is in good hands. Curtis admits to Portia he's not sure how to feel about Marshall now. Dr. Lowes tells them Marshall did not suffer a heart attack, but that his blood pressure was elevated. He says Marshall can be discharged once his meds are changed. Epiphany seems confused by the news.

Curtis questions how long Marshall's had blood pressure issues, but his father tells him to leave things alone. Curtis wants information but Marshall still refuses to say anything.

Epiphany asks Dr. Lowes about Marshall's case and thinks he should be doing more tests. Dr. Lowes disagrees, claiming he knows what he's doing. Epiphany tells Marshall not to dismiss a cardiac event, but he says it's happened before and he knows how to take it.

Dante feels Chase was being harsh on Brook Lynn, but he reassures Dante they'll figure it out. Sonny shows up to talk to Chase about being Bailey's father and his intentions with Brook Lynn. Dante's confused at Sonny's behavior and after Chase leaves, questions his father. Dante tells Sonny to back off Chase and to focus on his own life.

Sonny complains about everyone being mean to him and how he's been trying to get back to normal. Sonny mentions the girls being upset over Carly's coming and going. He tells Dante that Carly refuses to see the truth in front of her. Dante says Sonny hurt Carly because he betrayed her by protecting Nina. Dante thinks Sonny should give Carly space, but he disagrees.

Sam shows up at Carly's door to check up on her. Sam says she can't replace Jason, but she's there for her. Carly complains about Nina and Sonny, and how she's being painted as the bad guy. Carly says she feels stupid that she didn't know what was going on between them. She doesn't believe Sonny loves her when he's defending Nina.

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Carly says she's done everything she can for Sonny, including shutting down her feelings for Jason. She says Sonny refuses to stick up for her and worries about what it says about her marriage. Carly says deep down, she's sad that Nina damaged her family and they can't recover. Sam says Carly isn't the bad guy and she's entitled to her emotions.

Brook Lynn's home alone and gets concerned when she hears a noise in the house. She manages to knock out the intruder, who turns out to be Cameron. She calls Chase.

Liz and Finn make plans to continue their date until Liz gets a call from Cameron and heads over there. Josslyn tells them that they thought Jax's house was empty and didn't realize he had rented it to Brook Lynn. Finn and Liz take Josslyn and Cameron home, while Chase questions why Brook Lynn called him.

Brook Lynn says she was alone in the house, scared, and needed to protect the baby. Chase promises that they'll figure out how to do this together. Brook Lynn remembers Chase's harsh words to Dante.

Alexis and Shawn enjoy a meal until Harmony shows up and makes things uncomfortable. Harmony feels Shawn's not happy with her, just like Sam, and updates Alexis on Sam's feelings. Harmony says she cherishes their friendship, but she understands if Alexis wants her to back off because of her girls. Shawn reminds Alexis that Harmony's crimes were against her daughters. Alexis says Harmony was also a victim of Shiloh, but understands she can't keep on with the friendship.

Cameron and Liz have a talk about how happy their lives are now. Cameron feels Franco would be happy for them.

The next morning, Dante shows up at Liz's door to tell her something tragic has happened. 

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