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The Young and the Restless Recap: Chance Admits to Abby He Can't Bond With Dominic

The Young and the Restless Recap for January 18, 2022
Conner Floyd

Conner Floyd

On today's The Young and the Restless recap: 

Devon's apartment: Amanda tells Devon he has to make peace with his decision. He can't help feeling bad about his interaction with Abby. Amanda assures him their friendship will prevail.

Mariah stops by and Amanda takes off. Devon tells her about his pending court action. Mariah disagrees and tells him she's come to terms with not being the baby's mother and he has to find a way himself. Devon is concerned about Chance's mental state and claims it's his last resort. 

Crimson Lights: Rey and Sharon come back from a date and find Nick, who is waiting for Noah. Noah tells him he will work for him at New Hope and Sharon goes to congratulate him. Rey watches the family dynamic from afar. 

Tessa borrows Noah to show him her new album cover. Sharon senses something and tries to interject. Nick returns and chats with Rey. Sharon comes back into the shop and looks rattled. When questioned, she claims she's okay.

Mariah steals Tessa away from Noah to fill her in on what's happening. Sharon returns and asks Noah if he's okay. Noah tells her she's misreading the situation and leaves without saying goodbye to Nick and Rey.

Society: Phyllis is eating dinner alone when Nick comes in. He sits down and they catch up. Phyllis asks if they're okay and Nick says they are. When his order is ready, he leaves. Phyllis calls Amanda and they agree to meet at the Grand Phoenix.

Newman-Locke: Nikki comes to see Victoria, but finds Ashland. Nikki tells Ashland the job opening he's trying to fill is taken. Nikki's not thrilled that Ashland wants to replace someone and wonders if Victoria knows. He doesn't think Victoria needs to deal with staffing issues.

Victoria wonders what her mother and husband are talking about, and he fills her in. Victoria is open to the idea, but Nikki's still not pleased. Victoria tells Nikki they're still working out their work dynamic, but Nikki's not sure if they will based on her experience with Victor.

Chance/Abby: Abby's upset that Devon has brought lawyers to the table. Chance tries to tell her he's trying to see all sides, but Abby refuses to think there are other options. Dominic already has parents and a home. Chance wonders if Devon will use his inability to bond with Dominic against him.

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Chance admits he's been lying to Abby about his progress with Dominic. He says he can't make any connection to him. Chance concedes he loves their son, but doesn't know why he feels so disconnected. Chance doesn't think he can have the same relationship that Devon has and wonders if they should reconsider.

Amanda/Phyllis: The gals meet up for cocktails. They decide they need to hang out more often. Phyllis tells Amanda she finds herself with lots of free time without Summer or Nick around, and doesn't know what to do with it. She worries she will spin out of control and create chaos to fill the void.

Later, Summer calls and tells Phyllis she has an offer for her to work at Marchetti.

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The Good:

-Battle lines are being drawn over Dominic's well being. Can Devon stay the course?

-Phyllis realizing she will cause chaos if she's left to her own devices. I don't see a problem here.

The Bad:

-Noah having feelings for Tessa? ACK! NO!

-Dear God in heaven! Why is Sharon doing NOTHING?

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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