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Days of Our Lives Recap: EJ Is Found Guilty of Kidnapping and Will Be Heading to Statesville

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 20, 2022
EJ Dimera, Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Casa di Kiriakis: "Sarah" rejects Xander's embrace (that's crazy!) and says she doesn't want Xander to be near her or touch her. "Sarah" tells them came back to tell them she's okay, but she's not staying in Salem.

"Sarah" blames Xander for breaking her heart with the baby swap. "Sarah" reports that she heard about him and Gwen. Xander explains he loves Gwen, so "Sarah" tells him to go be with her and storms out.

Brady Pub: Abigail tells Kate she's working on Sarah's disappearance with Xander. Kate fills her in on how Kristen took control of her life, which intrigues Abigail.

Maggie shows up informs them that Xander is with "Sarah", and tells them she will be leaving again. Maggie claims "Sarah's" not herself.

Whilst Kate gets a drink for them, Abigail's mind recycles conversations about Kristen, masks, and people not acting like themselves. Abigail rushes out of the pub, leaving her drinking buddy at the bar (how rude!).

Horton Square: Gabi tells Jake they can use Johnny's attraction to their advantage. Jake is concerned this may lead Gabi to sleep with Johnny. Gabi denies she will need to go that far.

Casa di DiMera: Johnny asks why he sold EJ down the river. Chad tells Johnny he found EJ manhandling his wife and feels like he's been played since EJ came back.

Johnny feels badly about implying Abigail liked EJ's attention and wonders if he aligned with the wrong DiMera. Chad's skeptical, but Johnny vows to prove himself.

Johnny comes to find Gabi in the living room after a fencing lesson. Johnny's hot and sweaty, so he takes off his shirt. He wonders what Gabi wants.

Courthouse: EJ's mouth is working for the prosecution. The judge threatens EJ with contempt if he can't control his outbursts. Melinda rests the prosecution's case. Belle says she has no witnesses, so EJ stands up and announces he will testify. Belle's knows it's not in his best interest, but caves. Under oath, EJ swears he wouldn't chloroform or kidnap his wife.

Belle's done, Melinda's up. She reminds EJ he's already done that to keep Sami from leaving with his children. Melinda outlines what he did to a pregnant Sami. He takes the fifth. On redirect, Belle reiterates to the judge that the focus is on today.

Melinda leaves, but comes back quickly. She tells them the judge is ready to rule.

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The Last Yards:

-The judge finds EJ guilty and is remanded in custody until his transfer to Statesville.

-Shirtless Johnny makes a move on Gabi. (He's clearly having more fun than his father.)

-Xander and Maggie commiserate about "Sarah".

-Abigail catches "Sarah" leaving the Salem Inn with her bags. Abigail asks her point-blank if she's really Sarah.

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The Good:

-Lots of action today. EJ stepped in a pile of arrogance with Belle and Melinda. Melinda is a tough cookie and fears no one.

-Kate had to tolerate playing nice with Maggie and Abigail in order to help them with their Sarah problem.

-Will Jake's jealousy get the best of him and ruin his and Gabi's plans for control?

The Bad:

-Gabi and Jake on this endless crusade to take over Titan and DiMera. Was Jake ever this ambitious? Can anyone see this duo taking on Salem's corporate world?

-Johnny doesn't need the Devil to manipulate and control people. He's charming enough on his own, and knows how to work the DiMeras and Bradys.

What was your good and bad for today? What are your thoughts about the trial as a whole? We want to hear from YOU!

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