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Perkie's Observations: Peter Tries Blackmail to Stay Out of Pentonville on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 20, 2022
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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Dante tells Liz that Franco's art studio has been burned down and it was arson. He asks about the keys to the studio and when Liz finds them, she finds her ring with them. Dante asks when either she or Cameron were last at the studio.

Liz swears Cameron was home last night, but Dante says he's just trying to figure out who would have gone to the studio. Liz admits she hasn't been back there since Franco's death. Cameron suggests Peter may have set the fire to destroy any evidence. Cameron worries that Peter won't be held accountable for Franco's death, but Dante reassures him that Peter will go to prison for one of his many crimes. Dante promises to find out who set the fire. Liz tells Cameron that it feels like they're losing Franco all over again. Cameron finds it unusual that her ring was found in her locker and then Franco's studio was destroyed.

Anna wants Valentin to get closer to Victor to find out the real reason he's back in Port Charles. Valentin mentions he had the same conversation with Laura and has already started to look into it. Valentin tells her how he and his father are working to get back at Brook Lynn. Anna's surprised he would get revenge on Brook Lynn, but Valentin says she hurt him and Charlotte. Valentin says it sends a message not to go against him, but Anna says that's not who he is anymore. Valentin disagrees. Anna says Brook Lynn is not a threat to him. Valentin asks if she trusts him not to go too far, but Anna admits she's not sure.

Dante tells Anna about the fire and wonders if Peter was involved. He asks Anna for any of Peter's contacts who could have done it and she promises to get the info to him. Dante warns her to be careful of Valentin.

Maxie questions why Brook Lynn and Chase moved out of the mansion. Brook Lynn tells her that Tracy knows the truth. Maxie gets worried that Peter will find out, but Brook Lynn tries to reassure her that Peter will go to jail for Franco's murder. Maxie says Peter has money and will try to get out of the charges against him.

Felicia wants to talk to Austin about Maxie and how Louise has disappeared into thin air with no leads. Felicia says Maxie is suffering, and she and Anna are working on the case. Austin agrees to go back to Pautauk to go over that day, but knows he can't convince Maxie.

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Felicia says Maxie needs encouragement, but Austin says it shouldn't be up to him. Felicia believes Maxie is comfortable with Austin. Maxie walks in and is not happy with what she overheard. Felicia admits she wanted them to go to Pautauk to jog her memory. Maxie says she replays that night repeatedly and there is nothing else to remember. Austin says he'll go without her and that might help them find Louise. Maxie worries that Austin will remember something and agrees to go with them.

Ned stops by to ask Brook Lynn why Tracy thinks she's in trouble, but she denies anything being amiss. Ned asks why she moved out of the mansion and Brook Lynn says it would be hard on Chase to be around everyone. Ned asks if she's falling for Chase and Brook Lynn denies it. Brook Lynn swears she and Chase are just co-parenting and determined to give the baby the best life possible.

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Peter demands to talk to Finn and tells him he needs a doctor to say he's not ready to head back to Pentonville. Peter threatens to tell people about the fall down the hospital stairs, but Finn says it would be his word against Peter's. Peter pushes, but Finn refuses to help and leaves.

Chase heads over to talk to Finn and notices he's distracted, but Finn doesn't want to get him involved. Chase insists and Finn admits that Peter got under his skin. Finn mutters about the antidote and being on the roof, so Chase wants answers. Finn tells Chase everything that happened the night Peter went down the stairs, leaving out that Liz was with him. Finn admits that Peter threatened to go to the authorities. Chase is grateful Finn saved his life and will have his back. Chase tells Finn not to let Peter into his head.

Peter demands Martin stop his transfer back to Pentonville. Martin says he's charged with a capital crime and they have no grounds to oppose the transfer. Peter says he wants Finn arrested for attempted murder and tells Martin what happened that night on the roof.

Martin asks for proof which Peter doesn't have any, but he still wants to tell the world what happened. Martin disagrees, reminding Peter that he poisoned Chase and doesn't need more charges against him. Martin says their defense is the PCPD targeted him and he needs to leave it be.

Peter tells Martin he has an accomplice who helped him out of the hospital. 

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