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Is Phyllis Going Back Down a Dark Path on The Young and The Restless?

Michelle Stafford, The Young and the Restless

Currently single and without any of her kids in town, Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) is struggling to find something to devote her time to. She recently told pal Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) that something has to change, adding that she might "spin out" otherwise. 

But Stafford is eager for Phyllis to do just that! She told that she appreciates Phyllis getting into trouble, quipping:

Bring it on!

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The actress added:

If I’m playing a romantic storyline, I try and put something else in there as well, beneath the surface. Because for me — and this is just me — that can be a little boring.

No matter what she does, that tension radiates through the redhead. Stafford explained:

Because she’s so tightly wound and so jacked up and so damaged, she’s like a volcano underneath it all. There’s a certain energy, and sometimes it’s almost like she’s vibrating trying to keep it all from bursting out!

Tune in to Y&R to find out what's next for Phyllis!