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The Young and the Restless Recap: Abby Is Deflated When Chance Goes to Devon Behind Her Back

The Young and the Restless Recap for January 19, 2022
Abby Newman, The Young and the Restless

Melissa Ordway

On today's The Young and the Restless recap:

Abby/Chance: Abby thinks things are happening too fast with Devon since Chance just got home. Chance wants to find common ground and assures her he's on her side. They admit they don't like their conversations with Devon being used against them.

Devon's: Devon is remembering his conversations with Chance and encounters with Dominic. He turns to his picture of Neil and wishes he could help him through this.

Chance goes to Devon's for a man-to-man chat with no lawyers and no Abby. He wonders if he had no problems upon his return, would Devon be asking for custody? Chance wants to hash out the situation.

Devon needs to know if Chance is really healed after all the trauma he's been through. He questions if Chance can be the father that Dominic needs right now. There's a knock at the door and it's Abby. She's unpleasantly surprised to see Chance is already there. Abby is deflated when Chance answers Devon's question: No, he's not sure he can. 

Crimson Lights: Billy and Lily tell Sharon about their new venture with Chancellor Industries. Billy approaches Adam to thank him for reaching out to Lily to congratulate her, and they leave.

Adam and Sharon chat about Connor and Faith spending time riding horses. Sharon is happy to hear that he and Victor are working together, but wants him to let go of his battles with Billy.

Abby comes in and Sharon asks if she's okay. Abby hedges and Sharon offers an ear. Abby gets snarky when Sharon suggests that Chance may be having a hard time. Sharon says he went through a traumatic experience and it takes time to work through. She encourages Abby to take advantage of all the support they have around them. Abby decides it's time to get home.

Society: Chelsea and Chloe meet and catch up on Sally's New York tour. Chelsea's sulking and Chloe already knows it's about Adam. Chelsea concedes she should have listened to Chloe a long time ago. Chloe wants to focus on their business.

Nate and Elena are talking about living together. He tells her ChancComm is now a part of Newman-Locke. Nate thinks he can keep AskMD Now going and wonder if Elena still wants to do it. She says yes, but Nate wonders if her plate runneth over.

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Chancellor Industries: Jill has flowers and scotch delivered with a congratulatory note for the new company. Devon pops in with a gift of his own and welcomes Lily to the CEO club. Billy leaves and Devon tells Lily he's moving forward with his petition for custody. Lily's first conference call is a resounding success.

Newman Media: Chelsea goes to Adam's office and lets him know she got his cold-hearted message loud and clear. She claims she wants to move forward in business only and wants to know if he's on board. Adam tells her there isn't a problem and wants to make Newman Fashion successful. Chelsea thinks that moving Newman Fashion into a new space is a good start.

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 The Good:

-Abby is willing to get down and dirty despite Chance's willingness to find common ground.

-Billy's insecurity definitely needs a rest, but I can't imagine he will be happy with Lily as CEO, while trying to avoid conflict with Victor and Adam.

-Abby better get her Newman game together!

The Bad:

-Chelsea seems to be playing chicken with Adam, but she never learns she will lose the war.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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