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Days of Our Lives Recap: Abigail Confronts "Sarah" But Is Foiled By "Gwen"

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 21, 2022
Abigail Deveraux, Sarah Horton, Days of Our Lives

Marci Miller, Linsey Godfrey

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton Square: Abigail accuses "Sarah" of being Kristen. Just then, Kristen calls Abigail, claiming she has a scoop for The Spectator. Kristen says she had nothing to do with Philip's disappearance and would never set Brady up to take the fall.

Abigail's not convinced Kristen was on the phone because voices can be manipulated. "Sarah" explains why she's in Salem. Abigail remembers a recent conversation with Gwen and realizes she's not dealing with Kristen. She asks Gwen where she got the mask. Abigail tells her she will make a scene right in the square dedicated to her great-grandparents if she has to. 

Albergo Italiano: Kristen sends Kayla's call to Steve's phone to voicemail. Kayla leaves a message that she needs help at the convent.

Basic Black: Craig comes to see Chloe. She wants to know if what Nancy told her was true. Craig says it's all in Nancy's head, just as she walks into the office. Nancy doesn't believe Craig when he tells her she's wrong. Chloe defends her father and Craig tells her there's no other woman for him. The two kiss.

Casa di DiMera: Gabi pushes Johnny off of her and slaps the taste out of his mouth. When Gabi tells her she's with Jake, Johnny suggests they just have fun. Allie catches them when Johnny goes in for another kiss. Allie is surprised to learn that Johnny's embracing his DiMera side. He claims it's time to take his rightful place. Gabi leaves and asks Allie to keep mum about what she saw.

Johnny calls Allie get down and dirty. He calls her a joke and she calls him a jackass. Johnny runs down Allie's faults and accuses her of sleeping with Chanel right after the blowup at the reception. Allie says she's in love with Tripp and best friends with Chanel. Allie writes off Johnny and claims she only has one brother now...Will.

Casa di Price: Paulina tells Chanel they need to talk about what happened the night of her reception. Paulina hopes Johnny is ready to be starched and pressed because they are taking him to the cleaners! Chanel doesn't want Paulina to do anything because she's strong enough on her own. 

Paulina tells Chanel she saw her and Allie in bed. Chanel makes up an excuse that Allie stayed with her until she fell asleep. Paulina reiterates she saw them...together. She tells Chanel to step back and look at her feelings for Johnny and Allie. Paulina advises her not to make a complicated situation more difficult. Chanel can't reconcile her Johnny with the one who showed up at the reception.

Casa di Kiriakis: Brady comes to collect Maggie and finds Xander drinking. He asks Xander whats wrong and tells him "Sarah" dumped him again. The two commiserate over Sarah and Kristen.

Convent: Kristen catches Kayla trying to unlock Mother Superior's desk and holds a gun on her.

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The Final Yards:

-Allie stops by Chanel's and tells her they need to talk.

-Gabi leaves a voicemail for Jake about Johnny, but Johnny shows up as she ends the call.

-Nancy and Craig decide to celebrate. Craig hugs Chloe and thanks her, but has a troubled look on his face.

-Kayla tries to get the gun from Kristen and it goes off.

-Abigail tries to take the mask off "Sarah" when "Gwen" comes upon them, questioning what Abigail's doing.

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The Good:

-Kristen was busy today!

-Tough and salty Abigail is the best Abigail...she came to play and root out the truth, no matter how crazy it all sounds.

-Paulina and Chanel working through her problems honestly. Bonus points for Paulina telling Chanel not to get into grown folk's business.

The Bad:

-Kayla and Steve seemed to have lost their edge when it comes to capers. It took no time at all for Kristen to weed them out and dismantle them.

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