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Perkie's Observations: Luke's Memorial Brings Out the Worst in Scotty on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 21, 2022
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Scott Baldwin, General Hospital

Kin Shriner

On today's General Hospital recap: Port Charles gathers on The Haunted Star for Luke's memorial...

Curtis shows up to support Laura when Kevin gets stuck dealing with a patient. Felicia and Anna arrive, and she mentions how she keeps thinking Luke will show up.

Nikolas asks Laura about possible Lucky and Ethan sightings. Laura says Lucky is stuck in Africa, but Tracy will be making a second memorial in Amsterdam in a few weeks so Lucky and Ethan can attend. Nikolas says he's here for his mother.

Laura's happy when Spencer arrives, but not amused when Victor does. Laura wants Victor and his bodyguard gone, but Victor says the guard is there for all of them. Anna insists Victor leave and Felicia threatens to call Mac. It takes a word from Spencer to make Victor leave.

Nikolas and Spencer start sniping at each other in front of Laura, so Ava drags them to a stateroom and tells them to knock it off. Spencer badmouths Luke and Ava immediately points out how Luke came from nothing and made something of himself. She says by contrast, Spencer was given everything on a silver platter and he threw it away.

Alexis finds Tracy on the deck with Luke's urn. Tracy snaps at Alexis, then apologizes for setting up Alexis. Alexis says she dropped the charges for Luke.

Dante finds Sonny at Charlie's drinking in Luke's honor. Sonny thinks he and Carly should be together when they say their goodbyes to Luke. Dante says Sonny needs to give Carly space, but Sonny doesn't want to waste anymore time. (Then he stomped his feet in the playground and said, I won't, I won't, I won't, then took his ball and went home, stomping all the way!!)

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Robert and Scotty stop in on the way to the memorial, and Scotty gets in Sonny's face. Sonny asks Phyllis to put their drinks on his tab, but Scotty says he pays his own way. Scotty picks at Sonny about the hearing and what Carly had to listen to. Robert and Phyllis both step in to calm things down.

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Victor and his goon show up and get into the thick of things by badmouthing Luke. Sonny and Scotty decide they hate Victor more than each other and a brawl breaks out.

Bobbie joins Carly at Kelly's and is grateful they have each other to get through it. Lucas is name-dropped, but not seen. Bobbie brings up Aunt Ruby and how they fought for everything. Carly says she's proud of her mother, but Bobbie says she doesn't know what she'll do without Luke.

Carly complains about Sonny and how he's not the same man who came back from Nixon Falls. Carly says if Sonny can't put her first, then his promises mean nothing.

At the last minute, Scotty decides not to attend. Robert and Bobbie join those on The Haunted Star. Carly runs into Sonny on the dock and the two head onto the boat together.

Anna and Felicia hear a commotion, and find an envelope with a flash drive. Alexis thinks it's a message from Luke, and Tracy says she wants to see it. The message is from her highness, the glorious Helena Cassadine. Helena's message is essentially crowing that Luke is dead so Laura pulls the plug.

Tracy eulogizes Luke at The Haunted Star with everyone, while Scotty badmouths him outside by himself. Tracy goes up to the deck to spread the ashes, which blow into Scotty's face.

Tracy wants to give Laura the Ice Princess, which piques Spencer's interest. Laura wants nothing to do with it and warns Spencer to stay away from it.

A woman in a black veil appears before Laura, who turns out to be Jennifer Smith.

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