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Perkie's Observations: Victor Inches Closer to The Truth About Maxie's Baby on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 24, 2022
Victor Cassadine, General Hospital

Charles Shaughnessy

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny wants Carly to come home because he's lost too much time with her already. Carly says she's angry and hurt that he didn't tell her about his feelings for Nina. She says she can't be around him while he nurses a broken heart for someone else. Carly thinks they tried to ease into their old lives too quickly. Carly says Sonny owes her time and space, but he feels they need to recommit. Sonny declares he'll show her how much he loves her.

Laura wonders why Jennifer is there and what she wants. She explains her history to Spencer. Jennifer apologizes for all the pain she caused Laura over the years and wonders how Laura managed to get out from under Luke's influence. Laura says Jennifer will only get closure by closing the chapter and opening a new one.

Sonny comes in and Jennifer praises him for now being one of two families left in town. Sonny says he doesn't need a distraction from her and wants her to leave town immediately. Laura notices that Sonny's wound a little tight, but he claims he's fine.
Jennifer calls someone and tells them that Sonny isn't interested in the West Coast, which will allow them to do what they're planning.

Josslyn is waiting for Carly when she returns from the memorial. Carly says she's sad and confused, and is waiting for bloodthirsty Sonny to show up. Carly complains that Sonny is protecting Nina and she needs space.

Curtis tells Portia he wonders what would have happened if his father had died while things are still messy between them. Curtis tells Marshall he won't push him for answers anymore. Curtis tells Marshall about unsavory types trying to muscle their way into his club. Sonny shows up telling Curtis that he wants his club.

Ned and Olivia explain to Leo they're going to renew their vows, and Ned is going to adopt him. Leo says Ned isn't his real father. Ned agrees, saying Julian will always be his biological father, but he wants to be the father who raises him. Leo agrees.

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Britt and Austin share a drink and discuss Maxie. Britt explains how she originally planned on delivering the baby and giving her up for adoption, so Peter couldn't get his hands on her.

Ned approaches them, thanking Austin for looking out for Leo. He says the family didn't do right by Austin, but he's trying to rectify it. He asks Austin to join him for the renewal of vows, but Austin declines. Britt wonders why Austin worked so hard to have Leo assessed for autism.

Maxie shows up at Brook Lynn's to spend some time with her daughter. Bailey cries for Maxie, but settles down when Brook Lynn talks to her. Maxie complains to Chase about how her daughter doesn't know her. Chase reassures her that Peter is going to jail and she'll get her baby back. Maxie says she carries the baby's sonogram in her purse every day.

Maxie mentions she's going to Pautauk with Austin to answer Anna and Felicia's questions. She thinks it might be just as easy to tell Austin the truth, but Brook Lynn and Chase disagree.

Valentin makes small talk with Victor. Victor claims he knows why Valentin has been spending so much time with him and mentions Anna's curiosity with him. Victor's just happy to spend time with his son any way that he can. Victor says he's determined to bring the Cassadines together again and is cryptic about something sinister on the horizon. Valentin pulls out money, along with a sonogram of Bailey. He tells Victor he can't let go of it.

Victor inspects the sonogram and makes note of the patient ID. He tells Valentin he'll hang onto it to spare him any pain. Victor literally runs into Maxie, causing her to drop her purse, where her sonogram photo falls out.

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