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The Young and the Restless Recap: Chelsea's Jealousy Over Adam and Sally Spills Over

The Young and the Restless Recap for January 24, 2022
Chelsea Lawson, The Young and the Restless

Melissa Claire Egan

On today's The Young and the Restless recap:

Society: Chloe meets Chelsea and wonders why they aren't meeting in their office. Chelsea says she can't be around Adam anymore. Adam and Sally arrive. Sally's surprised about the office move and Chelsea's steaming over their lunch date. Chloe wonders if Chelsea is truly over Adam and says she's over trying managing Chelsea's moods.

Adam confides in Sally that he's concerned about his father's intent to be more hands-on at Newman Media. Despite Sally's questioning, Adam explains this is typical Victor...things go well until they don't. He doesn't think it's about falling for Billy's ruse.

Casa di Chancellor: Chance offers to make Abby anything she wants for breakfast. Abby admits they did the right thing, but she's still unsettled about it. Chance brings up that Abby loves both Victor and Brad, so Dominic will adjust to having Devon in his life. Abby wonders what will happen during that one day a week Devon has Dominic.

Casa di Devon: Devon's happy about the new agreement, but Amanda will remain guarded until the papers are filed. Later, Amanda gets a text from Cricket informing Devon their agreement to move forward.

Newman Media/Crimson Lights: Chloe and Chelsea tell Adam they found a place and he agrees that it might be best if they move out. Sally greets Chelsea, but Chelsea tries to ignore her. Chelsea says she can't talk to her professionally and knows Sally's not backing away from Adam. Sally denies that they're involved, but Chelsea tells her not to play her for a fool.

Chloe overhears and Sally tells her that Chelsea's attitude is getting on her nerves. Chloe stops Sally and tells her that they're both getting on her nerves and something has to give.

Adam doesn't want to hear Sally whine about Chelsea anymore. Adam advises Sally she may lose if she goes head to head with Chelsea. Sally tells Adam not to underestimate her.

Sharon and Rey talk about Mariah's wedding and he assures her it will be amazing. The duo move onto gossip about Noah. Rey comments he can't see the signs of Noah's heartache as clearly as Nick and Sharon. Sharon finds this confusing tells him he's a great stepfather.

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Chelsea stomps back to Crimson Lights because she can't tolerate the office. Chloe tracks her down and explains how hard she's working to keep her and Sally apart, but she's not getting anywhere. Chloe tells Chelsea she's done trying and she has to figure it out.

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The Good:

-Chloe at the end of her rope telling Chelsea to figure it out on her own.

-Adam worrying about Victor's involvement in Newman Media.

The Bad:

-The potentially drama-filled custody battle turning into a Kumbaya moment.

-Adam not having control over his employees' toxic work environment.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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