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Days of Our Lives Recap: Ava and Gwen Conspire to Have Abigail Flown Out of Salem

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 25, 2022
Ava Vitali, Days of Our Lives

Tamara Braun

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton Square: Ned catches up with Xander and tells him he wants his money. Xander tells Ned he found Sarah on his own so their deal's off.

Casa di DiMera: Belle pops in to get EJ's personal effects, but Chad refuses because of what EJ did to Abigail. Chad thinks he's an arrogant bastard and entitled pig. Belle offers to get them herself.

Salem Airstrip: Abigail is surprised to see Ava. She was expecting Kristen or Gwen, and Ava's involvement doesn't make sense. Ava claims she's doing it just for fun. Abigail starts to call Rafe when she gets clocked by Gwen. Ava and Gwen know Abigail won't let this go. Ava notes that Abigail needs to be put down like a bad dog, but Gwen's not on board.

Ned appears out of the shadows. He offers to fly Abigail out of Salem...for a price. Ned thinks it's a premium job considering their quarry is a DiMera.

Salem PD: EJ runs into Melinda. She gloats about how she finally got a DiMera sent to Statesville. When Belle arrives, Melinda gets in a few knocks on her and her loss.

Melinda wants a chat with Shawn about Rafe's legal problems. Melinda wants Shawn to go through every report Rafe signed off on and talk to the accusers to see if there's a pattern. Melinda reminds him they both want the truth.

Belle meets with EJ. She brings up Chad's accusations regarding Abigail. EJ claims it was impossible because he never left the courtroom. EJ says he was with Johnny signing paperwork. EJ tells Belle that Chad's lying because he feels guilty about his testimony.

Casa di Hernandez: Nicole stops Rafe's kiss and they agree they can't do anything. Rafe tells Nicole he doesn't like being tested or playing games. Nicole says he may be wrong about Ava. Regardless of what Ava's intentions are, Rafe thinks it's time to end things with her. Rafe confesses he wants to be with Nicole, but she's unsure because Ava is a friend.

Shawn's knocking at the door. Rafe thinks he's there to go over the cases with him, but Shawn says he was sent by Melinda to arrest him.

Salem Inn: Xander is looking for Gwen in their room, then Chad shows up looking for Abigail. Chad explains Abigail's suspicions about "Sarah's" potential identities. Xander is confused about Gwen showing up in the square. Chad explains that Abigail, ever the investigative reporter, flew out of the house and doesn't know where she went.

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The Last Yards:

-Ava comes home with dessert to find Shawn placing Rafe under arrest.

-Gwen returns to the Salem Inn and tells Xander she was window shopping. Xander tells her why Chad stopped by and Gwen wants all the details.

-Belle returns to the DiMera house. She tells Chad that EJ adamantly denies attacking Abigail, but Chad doesn't care because he can't find his wife.

-Ned is thrilled about the money he got from Ava and Gwen, but not the heavy lifting.

The Good:

-Melinda TO THE Trask. She's a beast and doesn't suffer fools! Sadly, we all know she will be eating a little "Yankee Crow" before too long.

-Ned thinks he brokered a good deal with Ava and Gwen, but he clearly doesn't know who he's dealing with.

The Bad:

-C'mon know you want to be with Rafe! No need to fear Ava...well maybe a little.

-"Sarah" said she wanted to be on security cameras leaving Salem. Does that mean Ava, Gwen, and Ned are all on CCTV or did they forget?

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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