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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chanel Decides She Wants a Hefty DiMera Divorce Settlement

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 24, 2022
Chanel Dupree, Days of Our Lives

Raven Bowens

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Julie's Place: Johnny tries to schmooze Gabi with compliments. Gabi says she's flattered, so Johnny takes it further and asks her to leave with him. Enter Jake, who really wants to talk business...for real. When Jake goes to the bar, Johnny deduces Gabi wants to keep their kiss a secret. Jake comes back and they talk DiMera business and how to take over by putting a Kiriakis on the board. Johnny says he has to think about it, then leaves. Jake wonders if Gabi has more to tell.

Casa di Price: Chanel tells Allie that Paulina saw them in bed together. Allie is adequately horrified, especially if Tripp finds out. Allie tells Chanel she saw Johnny kissing Gabi. Allie consoles Chanel before leaving.

University Hospital: Paulina's waiting for the doctor and remembers what she saw. She tells herself to stay out of it before Tripp comes in. She's worried about slipping up, which she almost does. When she tries to cover, she starts rambling. Tripp tells Paulina he's aware of Allie and Chanel's history.

Horton Square: Gwen wonders why Abigail is getting hands all over "Sarah". Gwen and "Sarah" pretend to formally meet each other. Abigail's confused, but isn't completely convinced she's talking to the real Sarah.

Casa di DiMera: Abigail gets home and tries to explain to Chad what happened in Horton Square. Abigail runs through Kate's kidnapping and how it parallels with Sarah's, including the text messaging. She thinks it all seems to staged.

Salem Inn: Ava's reviewing their scam and explains to Gwen what happened with Abigail when she pretended to be Sarah. Gwen recalls she couldn't play Sarah again because when Maggie saw her, she was so relieved and full of love. Gwen can't do it anymore because it's too heartbreaking.

Casa di Hernandez: Rafe is talking to Melinda and he's getting upset with her. He claims he's innocent and disconnects the call. Nicole comes to dinner, but isn't happy that Ava isn't there. The two decide wine is the answer. Nicole is suspicious and wants to talk about Rafe's accusations about Ava.

Ava calls Rafe and says she's got a problem. She gives instructions on how to finish making dinner and abruptly disconnects. Nicole questions if Ava left them alone on purpose. Rafe decides it's a good time to kiss Nicole.

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The Last Yards:

-"Sarah" goes to the airfield so she can be seen by people and security cameras. Abigail jumps out of the bushes and lunges at her.

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-Jake is mad about what Johnny did to Gabi, but she thinks Johnny will come around to their plan.

-A guilty Allie stops by the hospital with food for Tripp.

-Paulina arrives home and finds that Chanel is upset. She thinks her mother was right about getting a settlement from the DiMeras, which makes Paulina happy.

-Abigail wrestles "Sarah" to the ground and is shocked to find Ava and not Gwen.

The Good:

-Nicole piecing together that Ava really is setting them up. Nicole should see that a mile away. Now that could be an interesting battle!

-Abigail to Chad about the masks: "My head hurts." (Mine too, girl.)

The Bad:

-I'm so damned confused about these masks. I actually thought Ava was wearing a Gwen getup. I didn't realize Gwen and Ava swapped out playing Sarah. UGH!

-Rafe's hormones seem to get the best of him at the worst time.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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