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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Has a Manic Meltdown in Public on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 25, 2022
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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

On today's General Hospital recap: Victor picks up Maxie's sonogram photo and notices the number on the back. Maxie mentions it's the only thing she has of her daughter and tells Victor to ask Peter where she is. Victor claims not to be allies with Peter, so Maxie tells him to prove it by killing Peter. Victor offers his resources to help bring Louise home, but Maxie turns down his offer. She says his help comes at a cost and wants nothing to do with him.

Curtis introduces Sonny to his father, but Sonny wants a moment to talk to Curtis alone. He says he wants The Savoy and isn't leaving. Sonny says he wants to rent the club for a night to woo Carly, but Curtis refuses. Curtis says there are other nightclubs, but Sonny yells that no one tells him what to do. Drew and Nina arrive as Curtis asserts himself.

Drew steps in, but Sonny wants nothing to do with him either. Sonny tells Drew he's not his friend. He was a better guy when they thought he was Jason and he's nothing now. Sonny continues to insist with Curtis, until Nina steps in and drags Sonny away.
Marshall's not happy with Sonny's treatment of Curtis and warns him. Drew's sad at how nasty Sonny was to him.

Trina and Spencer discuss the upcoming ski trip and how she plans on making him work hard when he ends up at the gallery. Spencer's thankful that Trina can make him forget his upcoming prison sentence. Spencer admits he's scared about going, but Trina says he's brave.

Esme's excited about the upcoming trip to the cabin, but is not happy to see Spencer and Trina interacting. Cameron doesn't want to get in the middle. Esme assures him she's happy that Trina is a friend to Spencer, and not who Trina really wants. Cameron tells Esme to back off because he and Trina are friends, and nothing more. Esme continues to push buttons about Trina's feelings around Cameron and Josslyn.

Josslyn continues to worry about Carly and blames Sonny for messing up. She wonders why Carly is the one to move out. Carly explains that Avery and Donna deserve to spend time with Sonny now that he's back. Carly asks about the trip and if Josslyn has contraception, which Josslyn promises she does.

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Sam mentions to Kristina about telling Harmony to back off from being friends with Alexis. Kristina's not happy with it and defends that Harmony's trying to change her life. Kristina wants Alexis to have as much support as needed, even if that means a friendship with Harmony.

Harmony checks in with Alexis at her new job with a gift. Harmony offers to join her for coffee, but Alexis says she can't continue the friendship for now. Alexis says her kids come first and she has to honor their feelings.

Maxie tells Felicia about her run in with Victor, which concerns Felicia. The two discuss the trip to Pautauk and Maxie tells her not to push when it comes to Austin.

Austin is tight-lipped, but finally tells Britt that his brother is on the autism spectrum. Austin says a lot of people don't understand. Britt says Ned and Olivia can benefit from his knowledge, though Austin doesn't want to talk about his brother's situation.

Victor interrupts and after Britt leaves and shows Austin the sonogram photo, He claims he found it on the ground, but it has no identifying marks. Austin says the patient's ID is on the back.

Nina's worried about Sonny and says he's not acting like himself. Sonny claims she doesn't know him well enough to say that, but Nina says she knows a manic episode when she sees it. Nina asks if he's off his meds, but he says he's trying to fix the things she broke. Nina reminds him that Avery and Donna are in the house, and Sonny questions whether she doesn't trust him with his girls. Nina says she doesn't trust the bipolar disorder. Sonny says he has things under control, but she doesn't believe him. Nina wants to call someone to be with him, but Sonny tells her she can stay. 

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