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Kevin Spirtas Previews Craig's Comeback Storyline on Days of Our Lives

Kevin Spirtas

Kevin Spirtas and Patrika Darbo have recently popped back up in Salem as Craig and Nancy Wesley. Spirtas chatted with Soap Opera Digest about what fans can expect from his Days of Our Lives comeback.

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How did Craig's return come about? Spirtas dished:

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I was in the car late last summer and I saw Marnie’s [Saitta, casting director] name pop up. And I immediately knew because they don’t just call me from that casting office unless there’s something going on. I knew people were coming back to the show and we said our hellos and then Marnie said, ‘We’d like to bring you back on the canvas for a while,’ and I said, ‘Great!’ And she said, ‘It’s a great story.’ I mean, why not go back and have some fun? It’s a blessing that the work is still there for so many people and I feel grateful for that.

Soap Opera Digest described Craig's new storyline as "groundbreaking." Spirtas teased:

It’s a very uncommon story to see in daytime, but not in the world today. What’s so interesting about playing this particular turn in Craig’s life is that it’s not a difficult choice to navigate. 

He added:

What’s amazing to me is that they were able to create this story out of a 30-year relationship between Craig and Nancy. We’ll see Craig moving through this story and showing off his commitment to himself, his peace of mind and his integrity. So that’s something I’ve really gotten to enjoy playing a lot.