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Days of Our Lives Recap: Johnny Breaks a Promise to Marlena

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 26, 2022
Johnny DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Carson Boatman

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Nancy and Craig: Nancy and Craig wake up together all lovey-dovey. Nancy apologizes for how she acted toward Craig. He also apologizes for making her feel less than worthy.

Casa di DiMera: JoDevil is talking to himself while thrusting his sword (for real...he's fencing). He calls Gabi and invites her over. There's a knock at the's TR Coates. TR is there to talk about the deal they have to make a movie about Marlena's possession.

TR is happy to find out that Marlena was possessed again since they could do a sequel right away. TR asks Johnny if he's going to work with him or rely on his daddy's money. TR offers to take on the bad guy role for Marlena, then coaches Johnny on how to approach her. They shake on their deal.

Casa di Nicole: Allie wakes up with Tripp and gives him a gift for getting through medical school. It's a caduceus that he can pin on his collar. They talk about Chanel's heartbreak before he heads off to work.

Casa di Price: Marlena appears at Paulina's doorstep with flowers as a peace offering. Marlena apologizes for what she did and says she wasn't herself. Paulina acknowledges her lie, but Marlena was the one who blew her life up. Marlena wonders if Paulina and Abe can reconnect. Paulina admits Abe won't ever trust her again.

Paulina fills Marlena in on what happened at Johnny and Chanel's reception. Without going into detail, Paulina tells her that her grandson broke her daughter's heart. Marlena's confused by Johnny's behavior since he was so happy when he came back from Italy.

Horton Square: Chanel apologizes to Abe for ruining his and Paulina's wedding. Abe forgives her and says it was Paulina's lie. Chanel tells Abe about her own marriage mess. Abe asks Chanel if she really wants to take Johnny to the cleaners. Abe consoles her and says he will stay close with her.

Brady/Chloe: Chloe invites Brady to have breakfast with her parents before they leave town. Brady tells her she now has one last problem to worry about and promises to forget the blowup he witnessed between Nancy and Craig.

Brady Pub: Chloe, Brady, Craig, and Nancy meet for breakfast. Nancy apologizes for her meltdown the previous day. Craig has to step outside to take a call about a patient, but is taking along time.

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The Last Yards:

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-Tripp visits Chanel on his way to work. He tells Chanel that he and Allie are there for her.

-Chloe tracks down Craig and overhears him say to the "patient" that he misses them too.

-Marlena visits Johnny and he explains how he made a mistake with Chanel. He tells Marlena he has to break his promise and move forward with the movie.

-Paulina breaks the ice with Abe and talks about Chanel's wedding. After Abe leaves, Paulina crosses paths with TR.

The Good:

-Seeing Marlena, Paulina, Chanel, and Abe work through their discomfort over a blown up wedding. MarDevil trashed Paulina's life by using Chanel. I like that Paulina is resistant to accepting Marlena's apology and trust.

-Poor Nancy! After all that sweet talk from Craig, you just know heartache is a-comin'!

-I'm looking forward to the drama that comes along with TR.

The Bad:

-I'm struggling with JoDevil. I know he's feeling himself as a lusty young man, but he's not as much fun or well-connected to other characters as MarDevil was.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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