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Donnell Turner Talks "The Turning of The Page in Curtis’s Life" on General Hospital

Donnell Turner, General Hospital, Daytime Emmys 2021

Donnell Turner has seen lots of changes in the life of his General Hospital character Curtis Ashford recently. P.I.-turned-club owner Curtis has fallen for Dr. Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr), established a new Port Charles hotspot in The Savoy, and reluctantly reconnected with his estranged dad Marshall (Robert Gossett). Turner spoke with Soap Opera Digest about all the changes in Curtis' personal and professional lives.

What emotions have been coursing through Curtis with Marshall's return and illness, as well as TJ (Tajh Bellow) connecting with his adoptive grandpa? Turner dished:

Curtis is more reluctant than TJ. To Curtis, it’s frustrating, it’s hurtful, that TJ is so accepting. But Curtis is also grappling with some understanding that TJ doesn’t have 30, 40 years of questions, so he would be a little more accepting. There’s not the same history of questions and instability and, indeed, anger. Curtis understands that; that’s why he’s not feeling betrayed. He would probably like other people to feel the same way he does, but he may be alone in that.

Tajh Bellow, Donnell Turner, General Hospital

Tajh Bellow, Donnell Turner

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Another familiar face is back in Curtis' life, too: Drew (Cameron Mathison). Turner added:

Oh, that’s his man, you know? That’s his guy. To have him back feels great. Curtis would always confide in Nina, or Jordan, or Laura, and then later, Portia, and before that, he had Hayden, but Drew was his male counterpart and best friend and so to have him back means a lot, especially now that things are a little different from when he left.

Brook Kerr, Donnell Turner, General Hospital

Brook Kerr, Donnell Turner

Curtis has also found love once again. Turner shared:

First of all, let me say, I absolutely love Brook [Kerr, Portia]. Absolutely love her. She’s an angel and blesses our set. And Curtis must feel the same way [laughs]! The budding relationship with Portia symbolizes the turning of the page in Curtis’s life. Not just no more Jordan, and the divorce, but the nightclub. No more P.I. [business]. Just a whole different life that doesn’t involve shadows and secrets and lies. Portia comes with a clean slate, or so we believe, and she has been nothing but a supportive angel in Curtis’s world.