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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Is Suspicious of Chase's Paternity Claim on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 26, 2022
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Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina wakes up on Sonny's couch. She finds he hasn't slept all night and has spent most of his time outside in the freezing cold. Nina insists he eat something, but Sonny claims he feels great and wants Nina to leave.

Nina calls Britt to let her know she spent the night at Sonny's because she thinks he's off his meds. She asks Britt for medical advice and she tells Nina to convince Sonny to see his doctor. Britt tells Nina to contact his family because Sonny can lash out and get violent.

Nina asks Sonny about bipolar disorder in order to understand it. Sonny says thoughts zip through a person's head and you can't sleep, but swears that's not happening to him. Nina tries to stop him from leaving and he grabs her arms. She cries out that he's hurting her and when he lets go, Nina says he's not himself right now. Nina says she's afraid for him and he needs help. Nina asks about his medication and Sonny says he's out right now. Nina asks him to call his doctor and she'll refill his prescription.

Nina takes Sonny to the hospital and Britt lets them know it's all confidential. Nina offers to stay until his doctor shows up. Sonny thanks her for caring, but asks her to leave. Sonny tells Britt to keep quiet about him going off of his meds.

Britt comes in to crow at Peter about his imminent return to Pentonville. Peter claims he still needs treatment, but Britt reminds him that he's faking.

The infernal cabin trip is upon us. Esme's surprised to hear that Spencer has plans to ski since Trina convinced him. Cameron lets Josslyn know he has everything ready for them tonight and Josslyn agrees that tonight is the night for their first time. The group heads out to the slopes. Back at the cabin, the group hangs around drinking hot chocolate. Esme has something to add to one of the cups.

Ava runs into Carly at the spa and gets upset when Carly mentions that Avery spent the night with Bobbie. Brook Lynn arrives for the class as Ava snaps at Carly to call her next time there's an issue. Ava says Bobbie is not Avery's grandmother, but Carly says the girls were with Bobbie after Luke's memorial. Ava doesn't want Carly and Sonny's drama to involve Avery. Brook Lynn steps in and Carly tells Ava to deal with Sonny in regard to the custody agreement. After Ava leaves, Brook Lynn asks Carly about Sonny. Carly admits she moved into the hotel for time and space, and not to worry about it.

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Victor heads to the nurse's station to find out who's sonogram photo he found. When the nurse gets distracted, Victor sneaks a peek, but Britt catches him. Victor brings up Liesl, which angers Britt, who warns him to stay away from her mother. Britt thinks Victor should have never gotten a deal from the WSB. Victor brings up Huntington's, but Britt denies having the disease.

Valentin sneaks a peek at Bailey when he runs into her and Chase at Kelly's. Martin mentions to Valentin that legally, he's still Bailey's father of record. He says Brook Lynn hasn't amended the birth certificate, so Valentin asks Chase why. Chase is caught by surprise and Valentin says it means he's legally still Bailey's father. Chase thanks him for bringing it to his attention and he'll remind Brook Lynn.

Valentin asks Martin how difficult it is to change the birth certificate. Martin says Brook Lynn just has to fill out some paperwork and hand it in with proof of Chase's paternity. Valentin wonders if there is no proof that Chase is Bailey's father. Valentin tells Martin that most men would want their name on their child's birth certificate, but Chase didn't seem to care. He believes Brook Lynn lied again and wonders why Chase went along with it.

The group in Pautauk get to the clearing where Austin says he helped Maxie deliver her baby. Anna promises they'll find out what happened the night Louise was taken. Along with flashbacks, Maxie and Austin go over the events. Maxie fudges the ending by claiming she passed out, and when she woke up Chloe and the baby were gone.

Austin remembers thinking someone else was there having a normal conversation.
Austin says there were two voices, but Maxie says it was her and Chloe fighting. Austin says whoever it was they were having a calm conversation. Maxie, knowing that it was her handing the baby off to Brook Lynn, tries to steer the conversation.

When Anna and Felicia step away, Austin has another memory and tells Maxie it was her who he heard talking. He asks who she was talking to.

Victor gets a phone call and heads to Peter's room to let him know what he's found out.

Nina runs into Carly at the spa. She decides to stay and have a conversation. 

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