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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Brooke Thinks She's Cleared a Hurdle With Douglas

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for January 26, 2022
Brooke Logan Forrester, Douglas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Henry Joseph Samiri, Katherine Kelly Lang

On today's The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Casa di Steffy: Douglas is talking to Ridge, Steffy, and Thomas about grandma kissing Santa Claus, but they're as clueless as Hope and Liam were. They keep asking questions and determine what Douglas saw was real. Thomas gets a call from Hope with a request to bring Douglas back to the shack...stat!

Thomas is back at Steffy's in a flash. To the consternation of Steffy and Ridge, he has no explanation for why it was so urgent that he leave right away.

The Back Shack: Brooke is freaking out about Douglas seeing her with Deacon. Liam explains that Douglas can only say Santa Claus because that's who he saw. Brooke responds that it won't take long for anyone to figure out it was Deacon. Brooke implores Hope to call Thomas to bring the lad back to the shack...stat!

Douglas relates what happened at Steffy's, but says he didn't tell them it was New Year's Eve. Brooke wants a word alone. She tries to get Douglas to understand that Christmas and New Year's are over and it's time to look forward to the future. Douglas agrees, but has an impish smile when he hugs Brooke. He has a brief flashback of what he saw.

Forrester Creations: Paris is giving Grace a status update about Zende and isn't thrilled with what she's hearing. Grace is concerned when Paris calls it a modern relationship. She's even more confused by Paris when she finds out about her potential engagement.

Casa di Carter: Katie stops by to drop off papers because Carter's being elusive. Carter claims he can't talk about the person he's thinking about. He says he has to be careful after what happened with Quinn. Carter assures Katie the object of his affection is not married.

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The Good:

-Brooke's freak out about Douglas being with the Forresters. KKL is a wonder, even with nonverbal communication.

-Putting Katie back in Carter's orbit, even though she's still married to Bill.

-Douglas is crafty enough to know Brooke is snowing him and it's wonderful.

The Bad:

-Thomas' quick trip from Malibu to Beverly Hills and back. It was just to further Steffy and Ridge's reactions, something that could have waited for more than one episode.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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