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Days of Our Lives Recap: Craig's Shocking Confession Puts Chloe in The Middle of a Messy Marriage

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 27, 2022
Craig Wesley, Days of Our Lives

Kevin Spirtas

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Brady Pub: Nancy tells Brady she'd love to see him reunite with Chloe. Brady explains that as long as Philip is missing, he can't do much about it. Nancy doesn't think that's a problem, and offers to stay in Salem to make it happen.

Chloe can't believe what she overheard. When she asks him directly, Craig admits he's cheating. Chloe rails against him for lying to her and her mother, but doesn't understand why he claims Nancy's the only woman for him.

Craig tells Chloe he's involved with another man. He tries to comfort her and she asks if he's gay. Craig breaks down and admits he must be if he's attracted to men. Chloe tells him has to stop seeing him, but Craig says he's in love and has never felt this way before. Chloe demands he tell Nancy the truth.

Casa di Hernandez: Ava tells Nicole she was just thinking about her when she showed up. Nicole thinks about Rafe's accusations, but tells Ava she wants to check up on her. Ava claims she's very upset, but Nicole insists Rafe's innocent, which Ava should know.

Ava's chopping vegetables with a giant knife when she explains how Rafe accused her of beheading Duke. Ava claims the old her would have done that and framed Rafe. The new Ava would never think her man and bestie would be having it off behind her back.

Salem PD: Shawn tells Rafe he can't find a connection between the people who are accusing him, but thinks he may be onto something with Ava. Rafe admits he wants to be with Nicole. Rafe warns Shawn to be careful when dealing with Ava.

Casa di Grant: Abe drops in on Lani, who's alone while Eli is in DC. Abe admits he saw Paulina and there will always be tension. Lani claims that they're on better terms. Lani thinks of Abe as a father in every way, but Abe questions about any interest in her biological father. Lani says she's not. Abe has to leave and she hugs her father goodbye.

Horton Square: Paulina threatens TR not to come near her or she'll lay him out flat. She accuses him of tracking her down. He says he goes by TR and didn't know she was in Salem.

TR says he's there to work with Johnny DiMera. Paulina flips out and says Johnny broke her daughter's heart. TR tells her that he didn't know she had a daughter. Paulina says George is Chanel's father and lies about Lani's existence. TR apologizes for his unforgivable behavior when they were together, even though she won't forgive him. Paulina doesn't think men like TR ever change.

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The Last Yards:

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-Nicole comes to the Salem PD to talk to Rafe. She tells him she went to see Ava and thinks she's guilty as hell.

-Abe also comes to the Salem PD and asks Shawn step into Rafe's shoes. He agrees.

-Nancy finds Craig and Chloe. Chloe pushes Craig to tell Nancy, but she beats him to the punch and announces that they're staying in Salem.

-Paulina warns TR to stay away from her family, just as Lani appears.

The Good:

-Paulina and Ray opposed with Lani and Abe. It will be interesting to see how these two worlds collide.

-I'm on board for an Ava vs. Nicole, but only if Nicole doesn't cry.

-Craig is in a conundrum and has pulled Chloe down with him.

The Bad:

-Duke is dead, let's stop talking about it.

What was your good and bad for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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