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Perkie's Observations: Peter and Valentin Learn Bailey's True Identity on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 27, 2022
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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina tries to talk to Carly, but she refuses to listen. Nina says she wants what's best for Sonny and that's Carly. Sasha arrives in time to defuse anything that might start up. Sasha insists all is fine with her and she's living her life. Carly tells her if she ignores her grief it can overwhelm her. Sasha believes Carly is judging her and says reliving things won't help her.

Sonny gets antsy waiting for his doctor to show up, so he decides to leave and runs into Monica. The two commiserate about their grief over Jason's death.

Brando runs into Sonny. He tells him how things are right now dealing with his grief. Sonny tells him he needs to talk it out because it will give him strength. Brando wonders how Sonny stays in control and he mentions family, but also professional help.

Esme puts the drugs in the blue cup and hands it to Trina. The kids sit around playing 'never have I ever' while drinking the hot chocolate. Trina starts to feel the effects of the drugs. Esme manages to get Trina to admit that she and Cameron had feelings for each other at one time, but backed off because of Josslyn. Josslyn pushes the issue, so Esme accuses Josslyn of stealing Cameron from Trina. Josslyn says she and Trina had a pact, and everyone was okay when Josslyn started dating Cameron. Trina admits she missed what they had and how it was the three of them. Trina runs off to her room not wanting to talk to Josslyn.

Josslyn and Esme argue. Esme plays the victim, claiming she just wants to make friends. Josslyn essentially calls her a lying liar who's pants are on fire and a manipulative bitch.

Valentin wonders why Maxie would help out Brook Lynn. He thinks she and Chase both are helping Brook Lynn. Martin thinks he's grasping at straws. Valentin says Brook Lynn hurt Charlotte with her lie and will pay, though Martin warns him not to take on the Quartermaines. Valentin keeps trying to figure out why Brook Lynn would have lied about the baby's paternity and Maxie's involvement. Martin says Maxie wouldn't care about Brook Lynn's baby, but Valentin realizes that it's because Brook Lynn is not Bailey's mother.

Valentin explains to Martin about the night Brook Lynn and Maxie went into labor, and how Louise disappeared. He now believes that Maxie is the baby's mother, making Peter the father. Martin says without a DNA test, there is no proof that Bailey belongs to Maxie. Valentin warns Martin not to say anything to Peter.

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Maxie dismisses Austin's claim that he heard her voice and tries desperately to change his mind. Maxie claims she passed out and was probably muttering to herself, which is what Austin heard. Austin wonders why Maxie is lying and asks about the plan with Britt to put the baby up for adoption. Maxie gets upset and tells Austin she was trying to protect her unborn child from Peter. She says she carried the burden alone for a long time before confiding in Britt.

Austin then asks about Brook Lynn and Maxie immediately snaps at that. Austin continues to insist he heard her and someone else's voices, but Maxie continues to deny it. Austin continues to push so Maxie kisses him to shut him up. Felicia returns and Maxie just wants to go home.

Victor wants the tools to control Drew in exchange for Louise's whereabouts and Peter agrees. Victor says the baby has been living with the Quartermaines this whole time. Peter doesn't believe it at first, countering all of Victor's claims. Victor mentions the sonogram of Bailey with Maxie's patient record number. Victor says he checked all the hospitals and Brook Lynn never received any prenatal care.

Victor declares that Brook Lynn and Maxie conspired to pass off the baby as Brook Lynn's. Peter can't believe the baby has been here the whole time and thanks Victor for finding out. Peter says he thought Maxie loved him, but she made him suffer and now she must pay for her betrayal.

Victor says he wants his part of the deal, but Peter says the deal included Maxie, which is no longer the case. Peter says he needs Victor to help him stay out of Pentonville and reunite him with his daughter.

Valentin heads to the hospital to talk to Monica and asks about Maxie's interactions with the baby. Monica says she was concerned that Maxie would start thinking of Bailey as her own.

Victor overhears as Valentin asks a nurse for Bailey's medical records, as her father of record. 

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