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Days of Our Lives Recap: Paulina Piles on The Lies to Protect Lani From TR

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 28, 2022
Paulina Price, Days of Our Lives

Jackée Harry

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton Square: Lani interrupts TR and Paulina and asks who he is. TR introduces himself to Lani and Paulina lies that Lani is her niece.

Casa di DiMera: JoDevil calls the judge to thank him for convicting his father of kidnapping. He hopes the judge will put him away for a long time.

Chad and Abigail are texting. He thinks Abigail bolted for Boston, but he's really texting with Gwen. Johnny comes in and Chad fills him in on what happened with Abigail. Johnny tells him the film is back on track, but Chad seems skeptical. Johnny offers Chad to take over EJ's role, but he doesn't feel comfortable sticking it to EJ at the moment.

Salem PD/Courthouse: EJ wants Johnny to speak on his behalf at his sentencing hearing, but Belle can't track him down. EJ doesn't have a long list of people he can count on.

The judge sentences EJ to 10 years in Statesville. EJ gets into a side room and lets out a scream. Belle promises to file an appeal, but EJ tells her his fate is sealed...he's innocent and will rot in prison for 10 years.

EJ tries to get Belle to leave him alone. She realizes he's planning to escape. Belle tries to get him to give up on his idea by telling him he won't ever see Sydney or Johnny ever again if he runs.

At the DiMera's, Johnny and Chad get an alert about EJ's sentencing. Johnny feels nothing, which Chad finds odd. Johnny tells Chad to get Abigail back to Salem for filming, then leaves.

Salem Inn: Xander knows he hurt Gwen and apologizes to her. Xander says he didn't realize how much "Sarah" hated him. Gwen tries to console him, and apologizes for overreacting and doubting him. They have make-up sex.

Casa di Grant: Paulina escorts Lani and the twins home, claiming she doesn't want TR harassing her. Lani wants to know why Paulina didn't tell TR she is her daughter. Paulina claims she wasn't sure Lani was ready. Lani wants to know if she's protecting her or hiding something.

Deserted DiMera Island: Abigail wakes up and Kristen tells her where she is. Kristen encourages Abigail to drink juice to remove the sedatives from her body and makes it clear that Abigail isn't going anywhere. Kristen asks what she remembers and Abigail fills her in on what happened. Abigail thinks she knows who clocked her on the head. 

Abigail tells Kristen she got too close to finding the truth about Sarah. She claims her cousin didn't leave of her own free will.

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The Last Yards:

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-EJ claims he will stay put and tells Belle he trusts her. She takes his hand and promises to clear his name.

-Paulina makes Lani promise not to have anything to do with TR, but Lani thinks Paulina is overreacting.

-Johnny finds TR and tells him they're moving forward with the film.

-Chad calls Jennifer, who tells him Abigail is not in Boston.

-Abigail asks Kristen where Sarah is.

-Nekkid Xander proposes to Gwen.

-The real Sarah is shown in a bedroom, presumably on the same island.

Random Thoughts:

-Paulina keeps on just know that Lani won't appreciate that, even if she's trying to protect her daughter.

-Gwen and, hot, hot!

-JoDevil's move is going to cause a lot of chaos and conflict.

-Will EJ really trust Belle to help him or does he still plan to bolt?

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