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Perkie's Observations: Esme Captures Cameron and Josslyn Doing The Deed on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 28, 2022
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Esme Prince, General Hospital

Avery Pohl

On today's General Hospital recap: Josslyn accuses Esme of being jealous of Spencer's friendship with Trina and deliberately setting out to hurt her. Josslyn wonders if Spencer finally sees Esme for who she really is. Esme believes Trina is being a drama queen, but Spencer denies it. Esme accuses Spencer of being wrapped around Trina's finger and storms off to her room.

Josslyn says Spencer needs to see the truth about Esme. Spencer says Esme has had his back since they came to Port Charles. Cameron agrees with Josslyn that Esme deliberately hurt Trina.

Esme decides she's going to leave and wants Spencer to go with her. Spencer says he wants to check on Trina but since Esme pushes him Spencer leaves with her.
Spencer and Esme travel back to Port Charles and he asks if she got them all to the cabin to humiliate everyone and blow up his friendships. Esme accuses Spencer of believing the worst of her. Esme swears she planned the weekend to have fun before he goes to prison.

Cameron and Josslyn are thrilled that it's just the two of them at the cabin, while Trina sleeps it off. Cameron and Josslyn have sex in the room where Esme has previously set up a camera. (I really don't understand the point of the camera in their room. Esme wants to watch them having sex? And how is she going to get the camera back?)

Marshall thanks Epiphany for standing up for him with the doctor. Pif says she was wrong and shouldn't have questioned him. She asks about his family and Marshall says TJ's fine, but Curtis still needs time to come around.

Stella catches up with Curtis and wonders how things are going with his father. Curtis tells her what Marshall told him about why he left. Curtis believes his father was in the witness protection program, which surprises Stella. She tells Curtis to let things be with Marshall and Curtis wonders why.

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Stella wants Curtis to accept Marshall's story and move on. Curtis worries that Marshall's troubles could affect him, TJ, and Stella. He wonders if Stella knows more than she's letting on, but she denies it. Marshall joins them.\

Laura joins Martin and questions why he's taken on Peter's case. Martin says everyone is entitled to legal representation. Laura wonders if it's more about the money and Martin admits he needs it. Laura says Peter is an awful person and he'll get his hands on his baby if Martin gets him released.

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Dante tells Peter he's being sent back to Pentonville tomorrow. Peter is certain he'll get his charges dismissed and he'll live his life with his daughter.

Victor asks why Valentin wants Bailey's medical records since he's not her father. Valentin explains the birth certificate was never changed and Victor believes Brook Lynn is hiding something. Valentin says he might find something in the records he could use against Brook Lynn.

Valentin tells the nurse he's looking for a copy of the sonogram, which he doesn't find. The nurse says the sonogram would be in Brook Lynn's file, which Valentin doesn't have access to. Valentin asks about the baby's blood type and the nurse tells him she's O positive.

Chase is at the hospital getting his final check up. Brook Lynn tells Chase she hasn't heard from Maxie and worries about what's happening in Pautauk. She wonders if Austin remembered Maxie handing the baby over to her.

The two of them and Bailey run into Peter in the hallway. Peter's being taken for his final tests before heading off to Pentonville. Peter says the baby looks just like her mother.

Brook Lynn's worried that Peter might know the truth by the way he was looking at the baby. Chase tells her that Peter can't possibly know. Laura walks up and overhears.

Brook Lynn covers by saying they were talking about how awful Peter is and how he's hurt so many people.

Martin tells Peter he no longer wishes to represent him, which is fine with Peter.

Victor has his goon knock out Valentin before he can find out anymore information.

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