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Days of Our Lives Recap: Nancy Learns Most of The Truth About Craig's Betrayal

Days of Our Lives Recap for January 31, 2022
Nancy Wesley, Days of Our Lives

Patrika Darbo

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

DiMera deserted island: Abigail tells Kristen she knows that Sarah is there and why. Kristen gets mad at Abigail and tells her to shut up. Kristen is ignoring her ringing cell phone. At gunpoint, Abigail irks Kristen even more by running down a list of potential callers.

Abigail reminds Kristen that she's a DiMera. At first Kristen is amused, but tells Abigail she's in control. Abigail wonders how she will get out, much like her cousin Sarah.

Kristen visits Sarah, who's happy to see her. Kristen tells her it's not safe for her to leave yet. She tells Kristen she can protect herself "and him."

Abigail finds an eyepatch under the coffee table, then finds Steve and Kayla's drivers licenses in a desk drawer.

Horton Square: Chloe encourages Craig he's strong enough to face Nancy. Nancy comes to get Craig for dinner. Chloe tells Nancy she and Brady will drop by the pub to meet them after dinner. She adds that Craig has something to tell her. 

Brady comes to Chloe. She confesses that Craig is cheating on Nancy with a man. Chloe admits Craig's in a lot of pain and is in love, but is more concerned about her mother.

Brady Pub: Kate tells Roman that EJ was sentenced to 10 years in prison and Roman is happy about it. Kate leaves to check on Chad.

Craig is distracted and wants to go somewhere else to eat. Roman is cold toward them about the past, so Nancy tries to mend fences. Craig admits he's hiding something from her, then tells Nancy he's seeing someone else. Nancy gets mad and starts yelling at him. Roman comes over to quiet her down and she refuses. Nancy calls Craig a wimp and tosses a bowl of chowder on him.

Casa di DiMera: Chad tells Kate that Abigail's missing. Kate tells her what Kristen did to her and thinks the same thing happened to Abigail. Chad's upset with himself and Kate wonders about Gwen's involvement. Chad thinks Abigail will be okay because Kristen wouldn't leave their children motherless.

Salem Inn: Gwen surprises Xander by turning down his marriage proposal. She's uncertain that he really loves her. Xander gives Gwen the ring he gave Sarah and immediately apologizes when Gwen gets upset. Xander tells Gwen he'd choose her even if Sarah claimed she wanted him back.

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The Last Yards:

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-Nancy catches up with Chloe and Brady. She's under the impression that Craig's cheating with another woman. Craig follows behind her and tries to explain there's more. Nancy wonders what else he could possibly tell her.

-Xander claims all his feelings for Sarah are gone and only exist for Gwen. Gwen accepts his proposal.

-Sarah is dancing in her room like Stevie Nicks and vows it's time to go home.

-Kate supports Chad's quest to find Abigail.

-Abigail has more questions for Kristen...what happened to Steve and Kayla?

Random Thoughts:

-Abigail getting under Kristen's skin was lots of fun.

-Nadia Bjorlin is doing a great job of channeling Chloe's pain over her parents' problems.

-Xander tried to give Gwen Sarah's engagement ring? That's definitely not a way to win someone over.

-Kristen is BUSY and the Devil isn't even in her!

-Nancy's anger was definitely palpable and understandable.

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