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Perkie's Observations: Josslyn Tells Trina There's More to Esme Than Meets the Eye on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for January 31, 2022
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Josslyn Jacks, General Hospital

Eden McCoy

On today's General Hospital recap: Spencer and Esme argue on the way back to Port Charles. He demands to know what she was up to. Esme blames Trina for throwing a tantrum and accuses Spencer of not defending her. Esme wonders if they should break up, claiming she's been putting up with his friends and he has never stood up for her. Spencer apologizes for not being the boyfriend she needs. Esme says she'll have no one when he goes to prison. Spencer apologizes and agrees she's been by his side through everything. He asks her forgiveness and Esme gives it to him.

Cameron thinks they should check on Trina, but Josslyn says she won't answer the door. Trina eventually comes out, confused as to why the alcohol hit her so hard. Josslyn explains to Trina what she missed when she was passed out. Josslyn asks if Trina really thinks she moved in on Cameron.

Trina says she sees Cameron as a brother and is happy for them. Josslyn believes Esme planned the whole thing when she gave them the drinks and asked her questions. Trina wonders if Esme is just a mean girl, but Josslyn believes there's more to it.

Curtis wonders why Marshall took off from The Savoy. Marshall says he has experience getting mixed up with the wrong people and Curtis should stay away from Sonny. Marshall mentions wanting to put down roots in Port Charles, which is fine with Curtis.
Stella and Phyllis meet and after an initial 'have we met before' just make small talk about Curtis and his father.

Stella questions Marshall about telling Curtis he was in witness protection. Marshall says he told Curtis he was in hiding. Stella accuses Marshall of being vague in his explanation and left out pertinent information. Marshall says he's here now and Curtis not knowing everything doesn't hurt him. Marshall says Stella knows the truth and he would have never left his kids if he'd had a choice. Stella doesn't want Curtis hurt, which Marshall claims he won't do.

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Finn finds Liz in Franco's hospital studio packing up his paintings. She tells Finn that someone torched Franco's studio and is trying to destroy his legacy. Liz worries their relationship keeps getting bumped by Franco's memory, but Finn says he's there for her. After he leaves, Liz has trouble opening the door and when she finally does, seems spooked by the whole thing.

Michael plans a trip to Paris with Willow. Willow searches for her birth certificate so she can renew her passport. Later, Willow tells Michael that she checked online and her birth certificate doesn't exist.

Carly arrives and tells Michael that she ran into Nina and mentions how much she hates her. Carly complains about Sonny and his feelings for Nina. Wash, rinse, repeat. Willow apologizes again for not telling her what she knew about Nina, but Carly says it wasn't her place to say anything.

Leo (who now has a new face, a new age, and about 2 feet more than previous Leo) runs into Sonny starting his new prescription. Ned talks about Leo being on the spectrum, then asks Sonny if he and Carly are back on track. Sonny says he has planned something big and romantic for Carly, but Ned wonders if that's the right idea. Ned thinks Sonny should reconsider, and explains how he's learned to listen and be patient, but Sonny says things are different for him. Sonny says Carly wants time and space and Ned says he should give it to her. Sonny's determined to follow through with his plans.

Sonny calls Carly and asks her for one hour of her time on Friday. 

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