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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Thomas Learns The Truth About Brooke From Douglas

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for January 31, 2022
Thomas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Matthew Atkinson

On today's The Bold and the Beautiful recap:

Malibu: Thomas wants to make sure of what Douglas saw so he asks him again. Douglas is certain that Hope's daddy was Santa Claus. Steffy comes in and wonders what she walked in on. Thomas dispatches Douglas to the bedroom with Kelly. He fills Steffy in on what Douglas saw on New Year's Eve.

The Back Shack: Brooke's still questioning what pushed her off the wagon. Hope and Liam tell her it may come to her if she stops hyper-focusing on it. They talk about what Douglas saw and agree her secret is safe since he saw her with Santa Claus.

Il Giardino: Sheila wants all the piping hot tea from Deacon, but he wants her to leave so he can work. Ridge comes in and Sheila teases that he's there because he knows the truth. She reluctantly takes off.

Ridge gives Deacon a hard time about working in a bar. Ridge repeats the same speech to Deacon, telling him that he doesn't want him around Hope, his family, or Brooke. Ridge keeps harping on what a loser Deacon is.

The second Forrester office: Grace catches Paris and Carter in a heated kiss and slowly backs away without getting caught. She's clearly disturbed about this. Carter worries they're playing with fire at work since anyone could walk in (too late Big C). Neither one of them want to hurt Zende. Paris reminds him they're dating, but not exclusive.

Paris leaves for a meeting and Grace comes into talk to Carter. She tells him how happy she is for Paris and Zende. When Carter agrees that Paris deserves the best, Grace bluntly tells him it's Zende, not him.

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Sheila's room: Sheila's talking to herself in the mirror about what a coup she's pulled off. She's certain Brooke's going to fall hard.

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Random Thoughts:

-Much like Rose Nylund, Douglas just can't keep a secret.

-Ridge is a tool. I wish Deacon would slug that smug look off his face.

-Thomas being cautious about Douglas was good, but y'all know Steffy's got the ball now and will make a run for the goal line.

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