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Days of Our Lives' Kevin Spirtas on Craig's Revelation to Nancy: "He Never Meant to Go Out and Maliciously Hurt Her”

Kevin Spirtas, Patrika Darbo

Kevin Spirtas, Patrika Darbo

Kevin Spirtas is opening up about his character, Dr. Craig Wesley, coming out on Days of Our Lives. He spoke to Soap Hub about Craig's evolution and how his relationship with wife Nancy (Patrika Darbo) might be affected.

Spirtas mused:

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In the world of soap operas, because it’s always new, the page comes to you, and you say, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that was happening.'[But] there has to be some recognition, some acknowledgment of the way someone’s behaving. [The writers] kind of handle that in the story that’s coming up now. Craig even says, ‘I was a different man back then.'

He added:

The way they wrote this is that [Craig realizing he’s gay] is not a surprise to Craig, but it is a surprise to Craig. Craig doesn’t not love Nancy. He never meant to go out and maliciously hurt her.

Craig and Nancy's strong relationship was a hallmark of both characters. How might fans react to it changing? Spirtas said:

They were in high school together. They set out to conquer life together. That’s why they had so much fun. They loved each other, appreciated each other. I [do] think a lot of people are actually going to be disturbed about Craig and Nancy being pulled apart.