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Days of Our Lives Recap: JoDevil Brings a Housewarming Gift to Ben and Ciara

Days of Our Lives Recap for February 1, 2022
Johnny DiMera, Days of Our Lives

Carson Boatman

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Casa di Horton: JoDevil has broken into a dark Horton home and fondly remembers Christmas. Julie comes in with a broomstick demanding who he is. She turns on the light and he apologizes for scaring her. 

Johnny wants to talk to Doug about his experiences with the Devil. Julie refuses and says she's leaving to give Ben and Ciara a housewarming gift...a wooden cross, complete with nails and a hammer. JoDevil starts a fire in the kitchen and offers to take the cross to them so Julie can attend to her kitchen problem.

Horton Square: Nancy demands to know what's happening, but Craig won't answer to her in public. He goes back to their room and Chloe encourages Nancy to follow him.

Brady tries to console Chloe, and tells her Nancy is tough and formidable. 

Salem Inn: Craig tells Nancy he's in love with a man. Craig admits he was sleeping with men in college, but it wasn't the life he wanted. He claims he loved her and wanted to be married, and swears he never cheated on her. Nancy asks if he's bisexual and Craig tells her he's gay.

Nancy is hurt because she thinks everything they have based on lies. Craig tells her there's no turning back for him. Nancy doesn't understand how Craig could be in love after a few months and tells him she's got stuff to say.

DiMera deserted island: Kristen tells Abigail she neutralized Steve and Kayla because they were snooping into her business. She warns Abigail to stop asking questions. Kristen tells Abigail she's really trapped and will never make it off the island.

Kayla wakes up on the floor in a random room and remembers what happened with the gun in the convent. She calls out for Steve and finds him in a trunk. They try to piece together what happened to them, and wonder where they are. Based on their surroundings they deduce that they're in a storm shelter on an island. Steve wonders how many other Salemites are on the island.

Casa di Weston: Ben takes Ciara to an empty apartment and tells Ciara that's their new home. Ciara worries about filling the space, but Ben reminds her she's a Brady and a Horton, and they shall provide.

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Johnny comes by with Julie's new gift. Ciara wonders why they need the protection and Johnny says they need protection against the Devil. Johnny tells him about the movie and Ben tells him to stay away from them. He tries to get Ben to leave before installing the cross outside their apartment door.

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The Last Yards:

-Nancy tells Craig he should have told him the truth. She tells him it's over and he's dead to her. As he leaves the room, Nancy breaks down.

-Steve, Kayla, and Abigail separately decide they have to find any other captives and get off the island.

-JoDevil uses his powers to turn the cross upside down.

Random Thoughts:

-Is the deserted island set just a darker version of the current Kiriakis set?

-Ben knows the importance of being a Brady-Horton

-Smart Steve, Kayla, and Abigail not playing the victim for Kristen's warped sense of reality.

-Brady and Chloe work for me, but it's time to get off the swap-a-mate train.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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