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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gabi Worries That Jake Will Betray Her With Maggie

Days of Our Lives Recap for February 2, 2022
Gabi Hernandez, Days of Our Lives

Camila Banus

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Horton Square: TR is on the phone talking up Salem as a location for the movie. He tells the person he may try to snag Marlena for a cameo. He heads over to Sweet Bits looking for Chanel. He threatens Chanel and Allie that he'll sue if they don't fulfill their contract obligations. Allie and Chanel aren't moved by his threat.

TR talks about Paulina and Lani. Chanel corrects him that Lani is her half-sister not her cousin. 

Casa di Grant: Paulina comes over to tell Lani she's taking her and the twins south for the winter. Lani tells her she needs to be patient and present. Paulina is moving too fast for Lani. Lani adds that she can't go because of work and because she has to be there for Chanel. Paulina offers to talk to Chanel to see if she can go along as well. Lani agrees if everyone goes together.

Brady Pub: Tripp approaches Roman and tells him he wants to marry Allie. He claims he's loved her since he first met her in London, and loves Henry too. Roman advises him to find out if Allie feels the same way before one of them gets hurt. He cites Johnny and Chanel as an example.

Casa di DiMera: Chanel drops by to serve Johnny with divorce papers. Gabi walks in when JoDevil is talking to Stefano. She tells Johnny that Maggie is speaking for Victor, who will sit on the board of DiMera. Johnny thinks everyone is getting something and wants to know what's in it for him.

Gabi tells Johnny that she and Jake are exclusive and Johnny wonders why. He thinks she can do so much better than someone was meant to be a grease monkey. Johnny accuses Jake of using Gabi just to get back into they DiMera family.

Casa di Weston: Ben spies the inverted cross and flips it upright. When he goes back inside, it turns upside down again. Jake stops over and catches up with Ben, who fixes the cross. He tells Ben about Johnny hitting on Gabi after dumping his wife. Ben tells him to focus on Gabi because Johnny's out of the league. Jake says he can look into Johnny's eyes and see that he's evil.

The Last Yards:

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-Roman gives Tripp his blessing, just as Allie walks in. Allie's suspicious of their conversation, but accepts Roman's cover story.

-Paulina goes to Sweet Bits to collect Chanel, who wonders what's going on with her mother.

-TR visits Lani and she wants to know what he's doing there.

-Gabi overhears Jake talk to Maggie. He wants to be made CEO and wants it in writing. Maggie relays that Victor is reluctant to make Gabi CEO at Titan since she's not a Kiriakis. Gabi steams outside the door when she hears Jake say he still wants to move forward.

-That dang cross just doesn't want to stay put.

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Random Thoughts:

-Chanel wiped that smug smile of the Devil's face and it was awesome.

-The difference between MarDevil, DevilDoug, and JoDevil is the fun factor. MarDevil and DevilDoug were way more fun and came off way smarter.

-Good to see Jake and Ben mix it up. Ben and Ciara are way too islanded.

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