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Susan Lucci Reveals COVID-19 Slowed Down All My Children Spinoff

La Lucci gives the 411 on what's going on
Susan Lucci

Susan Lucci

All My Children fans can blame the current COVID-19 pandemic for the spinoff series hitting a bump in the road to television. Former AMC diva Susan Lucci spoke with People magazine while discussing the collaboration she has with the American Heart Association and its Go Red for Women initiative. La Lucci explained what is holding up Pine Valley.

According to Lucci, it's due to the coronavirus! Lucci explained:

There has been movement. I wish it was a quicker movement, but yes, everything in terms of being in the right hands, as far as I know, would be in place.

Lucci's former co-stars, Kelly Ripa (ex-Hayley) and Mark Consuelos (ex-Mateo) are executive producers of the project, along with Shameless, Animal Kingdom, and Rebel-producing czar Andrew Stearn.

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Pine Valley focuses on a young journalist who arrives in the fictional town with a secret agenda. The journalist reveals all the dark and killer history in the town, only to see herself embroiled in the feud surrounding the Kane and Santos clans. The sudser will also see the secrets surrounding the Kane and Santos families explored. 

The show will also be helmed by Leo Richardson. Lucci also praised the premise of the show and stated:

It's really interesting, and the concept is so good. [It's] in the right hands ... [with] Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, who are both so terrific. They would be executive producers, so I'm really hoping that this is going to actually go forward.

Lucci further explained regarding the stall of the show:

COVID is in play again, and things are slowed down.