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WATCH: Lisa Ling on The View Return: "It is Really Difficult to Get a Word in Edgewise" (VIDEO)

Lisa Ling, Jimmy Kimmel Live

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Lisa Ling went for a stroll down memory lane with Jimmy Kimmel. In addition to her unique relationship with music icon Prince, Ling reminisced about her time on The View and her recent return to the panel as a guest host.

What was it like coming back? Ling mused:

I guest-hosted for a week and I'm so glad I don't do it every day. An the reason is because you really have to express your opinion so vociferously on that show, and in the age of social media, you're just scrutinized so severely.

After explaining she did have a "great time," Ling recalled her first day guest-hosting. She said she got into a debate over saying after a hot mic picked up President Joe Biden calling Fox News' Peter Doocy "a "stupid son of a b****." In the media, though, that discussion was written up like she was "causing chaos" at The View, Ling said.

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Lisa Ling, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lisa Ling, Jimmy Kimmel

Ling shared:

'Cause I get along great with the women. Although, during a commercial break, Joy [Behar] did tell me that I was talking too much.

Asked whether there are too many people on the panel, she added:

It is really difficult to get a word in edgewise. I did a little bit better this time. I mean, I was 26 when I did the show the first time around.

Watch the interview below.