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The Young and the Restless Recap: Sally Sandblasts Chelsea And Chloe For Dumping Her

The Young and the Restless Recap for February 1, 2022
Sally Spectra, The Young and the Restless

Courtney Hope

On today's The Young and the Restless recap:

Newman Fashion: Chelsea and Chloe rail against Victor's move to undermine Adam. Chloe worries that their fate lies in Adam's hands. Chelsea doesn't think they have to.  

Crimson Lights: Faith tells Nick she's looking forward to visiting Michigan. Faith considers the fashion and beauty businesses as a direction. Nick is supportive and tells her she doesn't need to decide right away.

Lauren complains about Victor's cryptic messages to Michael. Every text or email gives her another reason to gripe about Victor's control over him. 

Newman-Locke: Adam pops in to talk with Victoria and Ashland. Victoria jumps the gun and wishes him good luck with his future. Adam sets her straight and tells her he is staying put. Ashland and Victoria try to make it sound like Adam can't juggle an entity that is twice the size of Newman Media. Adam says he's up for the challenge.

Chelsea and Chloe appear, and Victoria tries to give them the brush off. The duo do some quality ass-kissing that they're available regardless of Adam's decision. Victoria tells them she's going to jettison the entire platform.

Society: Adam meets with Victor and Nikki, and tells them he's onboard. Victor is thrilled, but Nikki looks uncertain. Ashland and Victoria pop in and is ready to offer a toast for the new deal. Ashland wants to talk to Victor alone, but he wants changes for Newman Media without Victoria. Victor is willing to talk about it later.

They all share a toast, then Adam leaves. Victoria and Ashland also want to leave, but Victor tells her he wants a meeting to discuss transfer of power. When everyone's gone, Nick comes in. Victor fills him in on everything, but Nick warns Victor to be careful what he wishes for. Nick picks up his takeout and leaves.

Victor tells Nikki what Ashland wanted and she's not surprised. She thinks there's a power dynamic happening and Victor vows to watch every step.

Newman Media: Sally pops in to ask what Adam will do about his future. He tells her she will find out soon enough.

Chloe and Chelsea return to the office unhappy. Chelsea's concerned about the lease she just signed. Chloe thinks they can keep it themselves with their severance pay. Chelsea is open to the idea as long as Sally's not on board. Chloe disagrees.

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Back at Newman-Locke: Ashland questions Victor's role, but Victoria wants to talk about his role.

Back at Crimson Lights: Chelsea and Chloe arrive and Sally's ready to talk about what she thinks. She wants to keep working together, but Chelsea tells her about Newman Fashion being scrapped. Sally pitches how they can work together, but Chelsea tells her it's time to move on. Sally turns her hurt and betrayal on Chloe and Chelsea, and dumps all of her rage on both of them. (She called it Chelsea 22.0 or whatever!)

Newman Ranch: Michael comes to see Victor about business. When Victor tries to dismiss Nikki, but she pulls her COO card. Sorry gurl, Victor trumped you anyway. Michael informs Victor there's an inconsistency with Ashland's treatment and where it originated. Victor wants him to dig deeper.

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Random Thoughts:

-Too bad Victor hasn't really coached Faith in her future especially to get under Nick's skin.

-Don't hate Victoria's decision to dump Newman Fashion.

-Poor Michael. Lauren was onboard with him moving forward with Victor, but she and Nick count too many text and email messages. Can't have it both ways buttercup.

-Why on Earth would Nick bait Victor about Faith's future?

-Chelsea and Chloe don't know how much Sally has to fight, but we do. Best scene of the show. #TeamSally

-Can Nikki save Newman? Thank you.

What are your random thoughts for today? We want to hear from YOU!

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