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Days of Our Lives Recap: Lani Refuses to Accept TR as Her Father

Days of Our Lives Recap for February 3, 2022
Lani Price, Days of Our Lives

Sal Stowers

On today's Days of Our Lives recap:

Kiriakis mansion: Jake (who is clearly JoDevil) tells Maggie that Gabi not being CEO of Titan is not a dealbreaker, which surprises her. "Jake" tells Maggie that he has Gabi under control. When Gabi overhears this, she leaves. Maggie dismisses "Jake" and leaves the room. "Jake" turns into JoDevil and talks to himself about splitting up Gabi and Jake.

Johnny calls Gabi and she explains why she didn't get to Maggie. Later, Johnny catches up with her and Gabi spills the beans on everything she overheard. When Gabi gets mad, Johnny keeps her from confronting Jake. He advises her to hold on to her advantage over Jake. Johnny works on her ambition and tells her they can take over Salem and the world. Gabi watches Johnny's eyes while he's talking and thinks that's a good idea.

Rafe's: Tripp comes over to tell his mother that he's going to propose to Allie. Tripp brings up her projecting her negativity onto his relationship the last time they talked. Ava claims she worked it out.

Tripp mentions proposing to Allie on Valentine's Day, but he has to work out his finances for a ring. Ava says she has a solution and darts off. She returns with her grandmother's engagement ring, which Tripp eventually accepts.

Brady Pub: Allie comes out of the pub and Nicole fills her in on what's happening with Rafe. When, Nicole brings up her suspicions about Ava and Allie quickly figures out why Ava is targeting Rafe. Nicole asks Allie to keep quiet, even to Tripp. Allie agrees and offers to help her get intel on Ava.

Horton Square: Chanel tells Paulina she's staying put now that Johnny has the divorce papers. She fills her mother in on TR's visit about her contractual obligations. Paulina's worried when Chanel brings up her name with TR. Chanel confirms her worries when she tells Paulina that she corrected TR on Lani's relationship with her. Paulina tells Chanel to pack and be ready to leave right away. She has to pick up Lani.

Allie returns and Chanel tells her that Paulina needs her to go to Miami right away. 

Lani and Eli's: Lani tells TR she's not interested in working on his film. TR invites himself in and tells her that he knows why Paulina lied. TR tells Lani he could be her father and Lani says no because her father's name is Ray. TR informs her he's in fact, Ray. Lani tells him he needs to leave NOW.

TR fills her in on his sobriety and therapy, and how he's changed. Lani tells TR everything she's ever heard about Ray, even to the point of hiding as Tamara's daughter until recently. TR just wants a chance. Lani tells TR she already has a father. When TR is pleading his case, Paulina shows up and tells him to leave.

The Last Yards:

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-TR agrees to leave and promises Lani he will be a father to her someday. After he leaves, Paulina hugs her.

-Jake runs into Gabi and tells her he's been looking all over for her. She thinks she's caught him in a lie when he leaves out going to Maggie's.

-After Tripp leaves with the ring, Ava looks at a picture of her and Rafe. She talks out loud that he must pay.

-Chanel tells Allie her fast departure is not about them sleeping together, which Johnny overhears.

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Random Thoughts:

-Is JoDevil aiming for corporate positions at DiMera and Titan, or just sex with Gabi?

-Lani's fire at TR!

-Paulina's lies always come to light. She needs a lying coach and there are plenty in Salem who can help her.

-What will JoDevil do with the information he gleaned from Allie and Chanel's private conversation?

-This is the last episode before the Olympic break...see you back here on February 21!

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