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Perkie's Observations: Spencer Says Goodbye Before Heading to Jail on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 3, 2022
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Spencer Cassadine, General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava's not happy that Spencer is there to toy with Trina's feelings, but Trina agrees to listen. Spencer says he has a lot to tell her before he heads to jail. Spencer says he's not excusing Esme's behavior, but she made him feel like he matters.

Austin brings up Peter's transfer and thinks Anna should be there. Anna promises they'll find Louise once Peter has been put safely back in Pentonville. After Anna leaves, Maxie brings up the kiss and Austin says it was a distraction. Austin says he knows what happened in the woods and to Louise. Maxie admits the truth, but figures Austin would understand why she did it.

Austin says Maxie could have trusted people other than Brook Lynn, but she says she was worried that Peter would find out. Maxie says she's become good friends with Brook Lynn and she's been a good mother to Louise. She admits that Chase now knows and says she can live with the decisions she's made.

Austin admits his feelings are hurt that she didn't trust him with the secret. Maxie says she's terrified all the time. Austin says he cares about her and Louise, and he'll be there to protect them from Peter. The two share a kiss.

Sonny thanks Britt for her discretion in not spilling the beans about his being off his meds. Drew shows up and things are icy between him and Sonny. Drew and Britt make small talk about losing Jason, and Sonny being angry that Drew isn't his brother. Britt mentions Liesl matchmaking for her, which Drew finds funny. Britt asks about his love life, but Drew claims there is no one.

Phyllis asks Sonny about Nina and he admits Nina's concerned because he stopped taking his meds. Phyllis questions why. Sonny says he got careless and explains about the argument with Drew, and how Nina helped him by bringing him to the hospital. Phyllis asks if Carly knows, but he says he wants Carly to come back to him because she wants to, not because of his meds. Phyllis says his brain chemistry affects his behavior.

Sonny tells Drew that he wasn't himself the night at The Savoy and apologizes for taking it out on him.

Phyllis and Britt get to know each other, and learn about their connection to Nina. Britt wonders if Nina should fight for Sonny or back off.

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Laura wants to know what Victor is up to, but Victor claims innocence. Victor says she should be thankful for his stepping in and getting Spencer a lighter sentence. Nikolas interrupts before things get heated, so Victor leaves.

Kevin worries about Spencer and thinks the family should rally around him. Laura says Victor's connections come with a heavy price. She reminds them that Victor was working with Peter at one point. Nikolas reminds them that Peter is headed to Pentonville and Laura wonders if he'll get help from Victor.

Esme worries about Spencer's whereabouts. Ava arrives and tells her that he's at the gallery with Trina. Esme heads to the gallery and arrives just as Spencer and Trina are sharing a close moment.

Nikolas and Ava show up, and Nikolas says goodbye to Spencer, as do Trina and Esme. Laura's ready to take Spencer to Spring Ridge.

Sam talks to Spinelli about Dante, but claims all's well with him. Spinelli mentions that Dante's career is dangerous and wonders if she'd rather be with the more steady Drew. Sam says she's happy Drew is back for Scout's sake. She says she's crazy for Dante, but when she's with Drew it's different. Spinelli tells her that she can see where things might go with Drew.

Felicia wants to be there when Peter gets transported to Pentonville though Mac disagrees. Felicia has him promise to let her know the minute Peter is processed back into prison.

Dante's ready to escort Peter back and he's happy to be sending him off. Dante accuses Peter of hurting people he loves and the two argue. Peter claims he's not afraid of Dante.

Mac and Dante escort Peter out, but not before he says a sarcastic farewell to Felicia and Anna. Anna tells Felicia that she's worried about Valentin since she hasn't heard from him since he left her a message.

The prison van gets stopped on the way to Pentonville because it was sabotaged.

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