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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Gets Help From Anna and Leaves Town on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 2, 2022
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Tracy Quartermaine, General Hospital

Jane Elliot

On today's General Hospital recap: Tracy swears she didn't pass off a counterfeit of the Ice Princess. Laura says the warrant is legitimate and Ned offers to call their lawyers. Tracy recognizes one of the WSB agents and accuses him being overzealous. Drew steps in and says he won't cooperate with the WSB any longer regarding Victor if the agent doesn't back off. Drew tells the agent to call Anna.

Maxie says the kiss meant Austin is important to her and she's happy they kissed, but it can't happen again. Maxie says she can't give him the focus he deserves until she gets Louise back.

Alexis tells Harmony that Kristina gave them the okay to be friends. Harmony brings up Willow and how she doesn't have a birth certificate. Alexis is confused until Harmony says she was living on a commune when Willow was born, so she forged the certificate that Willow had. Alexis promises to call a fellow lawyer to help fix it.

Anna's leaving voicemail messages for Valentin, who she believes is ignoring her calls. Victor interrupts to ask if she's going to supervise Peter's transfer, but Anna says she's not. Anna asks if Victor's heard from Valentin, but he claims he hasn't.

Carly's upset over Sonny's over the top declaration of love and how he should know her better. Sonny wants to know what she needs that will have her come home and save their marriage. Carly says he broke her heart, but Sonny wants forgiveness. Carly says she wants this to not have happened, but Sonny says he can't erase time.

Sonny says he's recreating their wedding in Martinique and Carly reluctantly loves the idea. Sonny wants them to take this first step forward, but Carly says reliving things won't change what's broken. She says things aren't working for them. Sonny wants her to try to work things out.

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Victor tells Spencer there's a guard on his payroll who will look out for him, which Spencer is grateful for. Kevin takes Victor aside and says it doesn't help Spencer if he's coddled. Victor offers to help Esme while Spencer is away.

Laura joins Kevin and tells him about Tracy's legal troubles. She says it's not a coincidence that Victor's back in town as Luke died, and the Ice Princess was counterfeited.

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Ava's surprised to see Trina back from her trip so soon and Trina gives her the rundown. Ava wonders why Esme is always around when there is trouble. Ava questions if Trina has been completely honest with Cameron and Josslyn about her feelings. Trina admits she felt lousy about Cameron, but didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Ava asks about things between her and Spencer, but Trina swears they're just friends. Spencer shows up, looking for Trina.

Anna heads to the mansion where everyone explains the agent has a vendetta for Tracy. Anna offers to speak with the agent. She then tells Tracy the buyer she sold a piece of the Ice Princess to claimed it was nearly worthless. Anna says the WSB doubts Tracy's claims she wasn't aware. Anna asks Tracy for the details and promises to call the WSB to void the warrant. Tracy says goodbye to Ned and heads back out of town.

Anna tells Maxie that Valentin left her a voicemail that he had a lead on Louise, but now she can't find him. Anna says Valentin has been digging deeper and since Bailey is not his child, he's more determined to reunite Maxie with her daughter.

This causes Austin to remember a series of conversations with Maxie and Brook Lynn, including the night of the birth when Brook Lynn told Maxie she's the bravest person she knows. (Methinks Austin just put two and two together and got four).

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