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Days of Our Lives' Tina Huang: "Ambition is a Big Part of Melinda"

Melinda Trask, Days of Our Lives

Days of Our LivesTina Huang (Melinda Trask) shared some insights into her complex character. There's something theatrical about the legal eagle, she told Soap Opera Digest.

The DA is a bit Shakespearean. Huang explained:

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I’m a theater kid, a theater nerd at heart, so I do think of Lady Macbeth often. Because ambition is a big part of Melinda. I know that sounds really snooty. But, I mean, who else? Joe Pesci from Goodfellas?

She joined the show at a pivotal time: February 2020, just before COVID restrictions kicked in. Huang mused:

I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said it wasn’t hard. But it was a challenge I wanted to rise to. It gave me a little time to process a lot of Melinda’s history with her daughter and what happened there. I got to build that world a bit and think of Melinda as a 3D human being.

And there's another good plotline involving Trask coming our way. Huang teased:

I’m pretty excited to see it air. The transition has been a joyous one. At first, I was only in the detective area. Now it’s different sets and showing up in different parts of the town. I’m also getting to work with other actors. I didn’t realize how big the cast was.