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Sally Jessy Raphael: "Kelly Clarkson is Not an Interviewer"

Daytime legend Sally Jessy Raphael is offering up her two cents. In an episode of the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef, Raphael didn't hold back, candidly expressing her thoughts on how studios changed the landscape and the current crop of talk show hosts.

Raphael discussed the issue of interviewing expertise, noting:

We have a thing in America. If you've done well at one thing, you can do well at anything, so a quarterback becomes a sports commentator. Now is he Red barber? No. Will he ever be Red Barber? No. Does anyone know who Red Barber is besides me? No. So the problem is you've got an actress and a person who sings and they take these people and they go...even Ellen DeGeneres, who is a comedian. Because you're a comedian does not make you a talk show host.

Raphael said she's never seen Kelly Clarkson's talk show, adding:

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Kelly Clarkson is not an interviewer. People are writing questions on a little, you know, thing, but if you had to do it by yourself and make it fascinating, you've got a problem because the broadcasters insist on using people who haven't come up through the ranks.

She said she didn't particularly like Drew Barrymore's program. Compared media personalities and entertainers to journalists as hosts, Raphael mused:

The people who have been news people, who have been correspondents, who know what they're doing, who know who's who in show business, you know, that's one thing. But these are not people like that, so it boggles my mind. It's only as good as the guy who writes the questions.

Raphael opined that "people who get these jobs ought to be people who know what they're doing."

Take a listen to the full interview here.