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Perkie's Observations: Peter Manages to Break Free and Take Louise on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 4, 2022
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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Austin is still suspicious of Maxie's actions, but she insists that she wants to kiss him. Maxie says she and Brook Lynn lived in fear that he'd remember the night in the woods, but she was still drawn to him.

Nina's angry with Liesl for letting Scotty let the cat out of the bag at the hearing. Liesl insists it was the right thing to do. Nina complains to Liesl about Carly and how Sonny needs her help. Liesl promises she won't spill any beans. Nina fills her in about Sonny's health issues and how Carly wouldn't listen. Liesl believes Nina doesn't want Carly and Sonny back together. Nina says Sonny loves Carly and can't be the one to break up their marriage. Liesl says she should be with Sonny if they love each other.

Kristina finds Sonny waiting on the deck of the Haunted Star and reassures him that Carly will be thrilled with his efforts. Sonny says he hopes this makes things right for him and Carly.

Drew finds Carly on the bridge and mentions how Oscar has been on his mind. Carly brings up Sonny, just as Kristina calls and tells her that Sonny is waiting for her at The Haunted Star. Kristina insists that Carly show up and at least listen to Sonny, but Carly turns her down.

Carly tells Drew how she needs space and time because she doesn't want Sonny's gestures. Drew says she's justified in her feelings. Carly's not sure what she should do, but Drew believes it's a cry for help from Sonny. He says she's not caving to Sonny's demands, but throwing him a lifeline.

Kristina heads back to the boat to be there for Sonny and tells him Carly's not coming. Kristina tells him Carly refuses to meet him halfway. Kristina heads to the bar where Liesl overhears her on the phone telling someone that Sonny's alone. (Liesl tells Nina, who heads to the boat.)

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Chase and Brook Lynn make small talk about the vow renewal until something he says upsets her and she storms off. Brook Lynn says she overheard Chase tell Dante how horrible she is. Chase claims he didn't mean it and doesn't believe she's a horrible person.

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Chase says what she did for Maxie is incredible and she's protected Bailey, even while taking hits to her character. Brook Lynn says she'd do anything to protect Bailey. Chase admits he'd do the same, which is why they can't be more than friends. Brook Lynn agrees they should only be they get closer and almost kiss.

Mac and Dante draw their weapons, but someone gets the drop on both of them. Dante manages to radio call for help.

Felicia and Anna wait for word that Peter is back in Pentonville, and after some time, decide to go and find out what happened. The two get to the scene and find that Peter has escaped. Dante regains consciousness and Mac has a bullet hole to the abdomen.

Anna finds two of the guards dead. Dante explains to Anna how the van hit spike strips and punctured the tires. Now, Peter is gone. Anna's determined to find him and puts out an APB. Anna calls Drew to let him know that Peter has escaped.

Maxie goes home to find Spinelli and Sam still discussing the merits of Dante versus Drew. Maxie tells them she kissed Austin, then gets a call from him that there's been a shooting with the prison van. Sam and Maxie worry about Dante and Mac, and head to the hospital.

Sam shares a hug with Dante (**No offense to Kelly Monaco, but can we keep Lindsay Hartley, even if it's not as Sam? There's just a different vibe from her. I love her!!)

Felicia tells Maxie that things don't look good for Mac as he's prepped for surgery. Austin tells Maxie that none of the dead men was Peter. He's escaped and out there somewhere. Dante calls Chase to give him the update.

Brook Lynn runs upstairs and finds BaileyLouise is gone...and Peter has her!

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